What is Your Problem?

What is Your Problem?
By Bob Roach

Really, what is your problem? I mean do you wake up every morning like this or is today an exception? I run into people all day long that are miserable. And if I am not careful I could be just like them.
If you knew me you would soon realize that I am one of the happiest people on earth. Is that because I have been luckier in life than you? I do not think so. Well, yes I probably am better looking than you are, but that is not why I am so happy. I might have more money than you do, but that is not why I am so happy either. And there is a slight possibility that you are better looking than me, and an even greater chance that you have more money than I do.
I have a friend that went through life thinking that his wife was his biggest problem. He blamed her for his unhappiness. According to him, he just could not please her because she expected too much. Imagine that, a wife that had high expectations of her husband. She expected him to take her out at least once or twice a week. She expected him to go shopping with her. She generally expected him to be the answer to her life. He always complained that she should be able to entertain herself.
So what about you? What is your excuse? What is making you unhappy? It may be your wife, or your mother-in-law. Maybe it is that new boss you have. Maybe your husband does not pay enough attention to you. The simple truth is you need to identify exactly what it is that is actually making you unhappy.
Most unhappy people, if they told the truth, would tell you they are not happy with them selves. As soon as they realize that they are the problem.... Then they can start to solve the problem. The root of any problem must be discovered before one can consider solving the problem. Now that we realize that it is our own personality that is keeping us from being happy, we are on the way to find happiness.
When my friend discovered that it was his own personality that was causing his unhappiness, he began to heal just a bit. Now do not get me wrong. Finding true happiness is not easy and is a journey that will take work on your part. My friend started working on his own imperfections instead of thinking he could blame his unhappiness on his wifes' imperfection. Gradually such personality flaws as, being self-centered, were replaced by a caring heart for those around him. His sense of too much pride was replaced by a feeling of humbleness, realizing that what ever he was, was because of a power greater than he himself.
So what is your problem? You will have to be honest with yourself. Identify the problem and begin to join the masses of people who are living life by taking their own happiness into their own hands. Let go of the idea that you are only as happy as your friends and neighbors will permit you to be. Realize that the first step to your happiness is knowing that ultimately you are the problem. If you are not happy then it is you who must change.
Bob Roach Father of one and middle school teacher of literally thousands over the past thirty years. To find out more parenting tips write me at: rproach@yahoo.com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Roach

Experience Fear With Today's Horror Movies

Experience Fear With Today's Horror Movies
By Tom Gibson

What is it about fear that so many of us find addictive? I'm not talking about healthy fears like keeping your hand out of the fire or you'll get burnt, or the general fears which keep safe from harm. No, what I'm talking about is the pleasure we get from voluntarily putting ourselves in from of a horror movie with the sole purpose of scaring the living daylights out of ourselves. Not only that, but it seems that the more fear we experience, the more enjoyment we get! Sounds like a bit of a contradiction that!

For the young lads having a sofa date with a new girlfriend, there is often and ulterior motive as they slide Freddy Krueger into the DVD player, in the vain hope that their new love will cuddle up to them for protection from the terror on the TV.

But naughtiness aside, I think with all the pressures that are put upon us as a modern society, what most folks find appealing in good ole horror movies, is an escape from reality. Ghosts, gore, demons, and monsters from the depths of hell, all do a pretty good job with this. It's often said that staying home is the new going out, and this has never been truer with all the fantastic home entertainment systems that adorn many a living room these days. Watching your horror movies on big screen TV's with stereo surround sound and crystal clear pictures, really does enhance the feelings of shock, fright, and severe panic.

It's a strange thing but I've only been to see one horror movie at the cinema in the last 5 years. Usually, when I go to the movie theatre, it's to watch action or sci-fi movies. Yet at home, I would imagine more than 50% of the films viewed are horror movies. Weird that! Hey, maybe it's because I feel safe in the house!

The great thing about internet shopping is the abundance of movies available online. It doesn't matter what title you want, whether it's the latest release or an old Christopher Lee Dracula movie, you're sure to find it on the word wide web.

The brief escape from reality, which horror movies bring us, means they will continue to be a popular choice in our viewing pleasure. It's not really necessary to analyze why we like horror, because half the fun of watching is the chance to just kick back and enjoy without using any brain power. We don't need to think, just watch through the fingers in front of our eyes. But be prepared and expect the unexpected, because you're gonna get scared, real scared, and we don’t want that, do we?

Tom Gibson is a proficient writer and webmaster of TVForcast dot com where he has articles on New Improved TV flat screens and Projection TV. He also has other ‘TV’ related to pieces on the site.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tom_Gibson

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