Earth Hour Philippines 2010 theme - "If We Try"

Earth Hour Philippines 2010 theme - "If We Try"

photo from: katkaterz

Dear friends today (March 27) we celebrate Earth Hour 2010.  My family and I is very delighted to be a part of this wonderful event. We will switch off the lights from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. 

Here in the Philippines there will be a "Street Party" in the Bonifacio Global City at 6 PM. Performers are: UP Dharma Down, Cynthia Alexander, Noel Cabangon,  Pedicab, Lou Bonavie & Earth Jam, Gorgoro and more.

And "Switch Off Ceremony" in the Mall Of Asia also at 6 pm. Performers are: Arnel Pineda, Moymoy Palaboy, Ballet Philippines and other artists.

Being citizens of this beautiful mother earth, let us show our love to her. Let us do it together, just only one hour of the day. Wherever we  are just  turn your light off only for one hour. There is no other place like Earth. We can do it "If We Try!"

official Phil EH video from: katkaterz
"I created this audio-visual presentation in support for the Earth Hour 2010! I used the Earth Hour Philippines 2010 theme - "If We Try" composed by Reev Robledo. Sung by Percival, Christina Juan and the WWF-Philippines staff: Jose Ma Lorenzo Tan, Anna Montenegro, Mayj Tolentino, Carmen Tan, Marie Sonsehrey Bretana."

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed


TGIF - Thank God It's Friday

This afternoon at 3:45 pm (Manila Time) I will arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport via Emirates Airlines. I was able to reserve my preferred sit and desired foods through Emirates online. I suppose to check-in online, 24 hrs before the flight, but I don't have a printer to print the boarding pass so just go with the traditional check-in.

First of all I would like thank the Lord that all of my document and financial benefits have been settled. Although last three weeks ago my company have deducted a month of my salary from my settlement. It is due to misunderstanding settlement issue.  I finally have reimburse my money. Next of the story is the rush for the last minutes shopping. It is very tire week for me. It is nice that I have my buddy with me. My mountain bike.

Reminder: Always be patience and trust to the Lord for all of our trials. 
God answers our prayer in His perfect time.

And secondly I thank the Lord that after the opportunity of uniting with my family again. After a year apart from them. God is really good. Out of five of us, from our batch, only me have the chance to have a yearly vacation.

I want to thank to my visitors, readers and EC Droppers for your time to visit. I'm sorry  my friends for not be able to visit your domains due to my busy schedules and internet problem. I hope to see you guys around. I will make up with you as soon as I'm on track.

God bless guys!

Home Sweet Home!

Thank God Its Friday!


A Blue Ribbon For You - Who I Am Makes A Difference

A Blue Ribbon  For  You - Who I Am Makes A Difference

Live Streaming of Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey

Live Streaming of Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey 

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Watch the LIVE broadcast of Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey

Watch the LIVE broadcast of Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey 

I would like to invite all boxing lovers and PACMAN Fans to Catch the LIVE broadcast of Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey for the WBO welterweight crown at the 

St. Dominic Savio Auditorium, Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong City. 
Start Time: Sunday, March 14 at 8:00am 
End Time: Sunday, March 14 at 2:00pm 
Where: Don Bosco Manda Auditorium 

Tickets are only at P450 inclusive of food/drinks and a chance to win fantastic raffle prizes! This is for the benefit of our batch "DBTC Manda Batch 86" projects. 

Friends, if you have any friends and relatives that near to Don Bosco Mandaluyong and want to watch the live broadcast please come and support our cause. Our advantage, we are lower priced, yet, we have food/drinks (sa iba, like SM, higher price P550, no food pa), we have raffle prizes no other venue gives. 

Please contact MR. Rommil Puzon for the ticket 0917-5402320 or email him at rommil_puzon@ 


The First Man In My Life

The First Man In My Life

What is a Father?

The definition will depend on each of our story about them. A Father is like my Dad. 80% of his influence and principle in life had marked my personality. I was so much like him in all aspect. Persistence- high aimed-finisher. I have so much memories of time spent with him more than I have with Mom. He used to take me to sleep and be the first one to wake me up in the morning. He kissed me goodnight to sleep and carry me to bed. I remember of faking my sleep just to be carried by him. I just love his arms wrapping my body and feel the security it brings to me. I couldn’t forget how he sings for me before I sleep and during my birthdays. He loves to sing for me and my Mom. My Dad had a good voice and it was a regret of not inheriting that gift from him.

My Dad used to bring me with him in all his construction projects. We slept most in their project site quarters and as young as I am, I have earlier exposure to various building construction. I witnessed the construction of U.P Los Banos, the Lourdes Hospital in Mandaluyong, The Folk Arts Theatre which project was pioneered by the former First Lady. It was built to accommodate the first hosting of Miss Universe Pageant. My dad was one of the hundreds of workers involve in building that landmark. There are many others, the Westin Plaza Hotel, The New World Hotel in Makati, The Twin Tower Makati, The Greenbelt Park which use to house the Quad Cinema, the Makati Square Cinema, Fil-invest Alabang, Gerry's Grill in Greenhills, Chilis and Superbowl etc,. etc.

My Dad experiences with construction projects gave me the nerve to enter university and take Architecture degree. Not much of my liking but more of his desire and dream. Being the eldest of the two siblings, I have ventured out to do his divine will. My Fathers will. My calling to become an Architect is not as much as my Father's calling to have an architect daughter. I gave way because of his strictness and determination that I will be the one to deliver us from poverty.

He succeeded to my amazement and going back to where my family used to be, I could say, we progress better. I used to contradict his agenda. That’s me. I did get it from him, my mom confirmed it. Truly that once you get educated, your intellect by- passes of that our parents level of knowledge. And that’s where the bickering and misunderstanding started. My will or my Dad's will. But my Dad was someone I couldn’t ignore.

He had suffered many sacrificial acts for the good of his family. He travelled so far with great distance from us. For 20 years he was separated from us, working in different places just to make our education fulfilled. After 20 years, I hardly know him. He became a stranger to us. His absence in our childhood days made a bad impact in our growing up. He was able to miss out the very important events and difficulties we have experienced in our adolescence years. He was not there when we graduated from Elementary and High School. He was not there when my brother started to get interested with girls. He was not there when I received my diploma with a degree that he desired long time for me. He was not with us to celebrate those remarkable endings of my school years, my jubilations that I indeed leaped from what I used to be. I have missed him to the most important event in my life.

Of course, he ended up and get tire up being a contract worker. Immediately, after my brother finished his degree, my Dad went home for good. He looked at us like we are his colleagues in Saudi. He takes care of himself more than he takes care of us. His psychological situation deranged him from us. It took us two years to adjust with him and him from us. Mom entered us into a therapy with Dad. We went back to zero.

And how is that? We have to make Dad feel that we are his children. We bring slipper upon his arrival at home. We gave him towel and wipe his back when he perspires. We kissed him goodbye to work and welcome him with a hug after his work. We prepared his dinner and told him stories about our day. We ask for his advice and his approval to things that pertains to our personal problems. It happened in my 21th year. My Dad never asked anything from me when I began working, but Mom insisted us to spend time with him. We have time to go out as a family and treated them over dinner or lunch. I became close again with my Dad and spend much time building our dreams together. Whenever he planned on something, we would have a family meeting. There will be discussions and exchange of ideas. Since, my Dad is a very responsible man, we never question his plan because it is always for the better of us and whatever he plans; we saw it fulfilled.

My admiration and respect for my Dad have grown high that even he didn’t reached my level of education, his wisdom was well acknowledge. He had even bigger salary than us. Enough that even I don’t work, we'll be okay. He had plenty of connection and well-of friends. He was very popular in his work and eventually in our subdivision. My Dad was well-respected by many people in variety.

But one day, He fell and went into sin. Once again, it marked my life with many impacts. I couldn’t follow his footsteps any longer. He lost everything when he followed his own sin. He lost his job, the trust of other people who look upon him, He made a big hole in my umbrella. A hole that stained his integrity and I was the first one to get devastated. There was so much pain and yet I wanted to give him a chance to come back and prove his worth again. I wanted to build bridges so that he could return safely back to us without looking back at the jammed he went through with.

But I'm hoping one day…praying so much that one day.. I will see him back with his normal self. It has been two years now since he fell to the enemy's trap and he is not asking for any help. He doesn’t want my help and even God's grace and mercy. He was totally being complacent to the new world that he was living now. He doesn’t know how much I missed him so much. He doesn’t know that it affected me so much that I lose the sight of the shore with this perfect storm he brought our family in. He used to be the path I am following with, but now I have stopped walking behind him.

The outlook changed the way I looked at marriage. I began to drop all my expectations. The growth started to slow down. He will not be able to read this, I'm sure. But I wanted to tell him, that I couldn’t forget him and that I still love him so much. There were no days and nights that I didn’t cry to God to ask for a miracle; to awaken my Dad from his worst nightmare " Dad, whoever you are with, I have spare a space in my heart for understanding you, though you love them now more than you have loved us, though it cuts like a knife for me and Mom, just don’t forget to take a peek on what we had before as a family.

Bring your memory back to us. Memories I'm keeping dearly within my heart because now it’s the only thing that connects you and me." I missed you so much Daddy. Please find the lost shore for me.
Happy Fathers Day.


I would like to thank MLK to allow me to share her life story. I hope that one day a house become a home again, in God's perfect time. Let not time and place bewildered our relationship. Let the Lord be the center of our family.


2010 Theme for International Women's Day

2010 Theme for International Women's Day 
International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Every year, there are many events that have been celebrated. Not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Organizations, governments and women's groups around the world choose different themes each year that reflect global and local gender issues.

Some years have seen global IWD themes honored around the world, while in other years groups have preferred to 'localize' their own themes to make them more specific and relevant.

THEME: So while many people may think there is one global theme each year, this is not always correct. It is completely up to each country and group as to what appropriate theme they select.

Below are some of the global United Nation themes used for International Women's Day to date:

Here are some IWD themes around the world

- Global, United Nations: Women and men united to end violence against women and girls
- Canada, Status of Women (Federal Gov): Strong Leadership. Strong Women. Strong World: Equality
- Australia, UNIFEM: Unite to End Violence Against Women
- Australia, Queensland Government Office for Women: Our Women, Our State
- Australia, WA Department for Communities: Sharing the Caring for the Future
- UK, Doncaster Council: Women's Voices and Influence
- UK, Welsh Assembly Government: Bridging the Generational Gap
- UK, Accenture: Stretch Yourself: Achieving 50:50 in the boardroom by 2020
- USA, IBM: Women@IBM: Success in the Globally Integrated Enterprise

source (IWD)


The Amendatory Law on RA 8042 - Compulsory Insurance

The Amendatory Law on RA 8042 - Compulsory Insurance

Dear fellow migrants. I am not so much in the Laws issue. But I want to repost this email that I have received, merely it concern Migrants or OFW.  Do you agree that we should have a compulsory insurance as stated in the RA8042. Please leave your comments. Let our voice be heard. Thank you!

Here is the email:

The amendatory law on ra8042 is now in malacanang. one of 3 things will  happen to the amendatory law by march 8 (monday/ international women's day):
(1) the president will sign it into law; or
(2) the document will lapse into law if she does not do anything on it; or
(3) she can exercise her veto powers, in which case, the entire amendatory law does not become a law, leaving it to the incoming 15th congress to do something about it...

In a meeting today, the CCOFW (consultative council on ofws) resolved to submit a statement to the president to strongly request her to veto the amendatory law specifically in reference to the compulsory insurance for migrants recruited by agencies (both land-based and sea-based) and the non-amendment of the proviso on money claims in regard to the maximum claims for a migrant who is unjustly terminated (the maximum is the equivalent of 3 months) which the supreme court declared unconstitutional and not in conformity with the labor code provisions.

The statement will be ready for signatures by 11am at the office of POEA deputy administrator hans cacdac at the 5th floor of poea.

All ccofw member NGOs/ CSOs are requested to go to POEA tomorrow to endorse it by signing on it.

For those who are far from POEA or who cannot go to POEA , in the Philippines and OVERSEAS, you may endorse the petition by sending us an email to this effect, with your  e-signature if possible.... your confirmation emails will be attached to the statement for submission to the president tomorrow before 5pm, manila time.

For your reference, on what the issue is all about, kindly click on for the ngo-trade union statement against the compulsory insurance issue.

apologies that this effort may be short notice and last minute, but let's give it one last try. let us call on the president to veto the amendatory law on ra8042. Migrants Rights Groups and Trade Unions say NO to the Proposed Compulsory Insurance Coverage for OFWs in RA8042! YES to OFW Protection! Download

on behalf of ccofw.

ellene a. sana
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines
72-C Matahimik Street, Teacher's Village
Quezon City, Philippines


We Are The World 2010 for Haiti

We Are The World 2010 for Haiti

Recorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as the original 25 years earlier (Henson Recording Studios, formerly A&M Recording Studios) "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", in which Jones and Richie serve as executive producers and producers, was created in collaboration with executive producers Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and RedOne; and co-producers Rickey Minor, Mervyn Warren and Patti Austin to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti.

Academy Award-winning writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), whose own personal efforts as well as those of Artists for Peace and Justice have already saved countless lives in Haiti, filmed the private recording session to create the accompanying video and behind-the-scenes production, and serves as Film Director and as an Executive Producer with Jones, Richie, Jean, Phillips and Tortorici. The 25th Anniversary recording features over 80 artists and performers.

The recording of We Are The World 25 For Haiti embodied the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and generosity as the original recording 25 years ago. Every one of the artists who participated, regardless of genre or generation, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely open to coming together to help the people of Haiti.



Meet Mr Camelus

Meet Mr Camelus

Taken In Riyadh K.S.A.

Trivia: A camel is an even-toed ungulate within the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as humps on its back. There are two species of camels: the dromedary or Arabian camel has a single hump, and the Bactrian camel has two humps. They are native to the dry desert areas of West Asia, and Central and East Asia, respectively. Both species are domesticated to provide milk and meat, and as beasts of burden. The term camel Arabic جمل derived from the root "beauty",is also used more broadly to describe any of the six camel-like creatures in the family Camelidae: the two true camels, and the four South American camelids, the llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuña. The average life expectancy of a camel is 40 to 50 years. A fully grown adult camel stands 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) at the shoulder and 2.15 m (7 ft 1 in) at the hump. The hump rises about 30 inches (76.20 cm) out of its body. Camels can run at up to 65 km/h (40 mph) in short bursts and sustain speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph).source wiki.



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