How Can I Talk to My Child About Alcohol?

How Can I Talk to My Child About Alcohol?
by Mark Peterson

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism gives some practical strategies for bringing up the subject of alcohol use with your child:

# Encourage conversation. Encourage your child to talk about whatever interests him or her. Listen without interruption and give your child a chance to teach you something new. Your active listening to your child’s enthusiasms paves the way for conversations about topics that concern you.

# Ask open-ended questions. Encourage your teen to tell you how he or she thinks and feels about the issue you’re discussing. Avoid questions that have a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

# Control your emotions. If you hear something you don’t like, try not to respond with anger. Instead, take a few deep breaths and acknowledge your feelings in a constructive way.

# Make every conversation a “win-win” experience. Don’t lecture or try to “score points” on your teen by showing how he or she is wrong. If you show respect for your child’s viewpoint, he or she will be more likely to listen to and respect yours.

# Draw the line. Set clear, realistic expectations for your child’s behavior. Establish appropriate consequences for breaking rules and consistently enforce them.

# Offer acceptance. Make sure your teen knows that you appreciate his or her efforts as well as accomplishments. Avoid hurtful teasing or criticism.

# Understand that your child is growing up. This doesn’t mean a hands-off attitude. But as you guide your child’s behavior, also make an effort to respect his or her growing need for independence and privacy.

Drug abuse used to be considered a moral failing, with addicts written off as willful and incorrigible. Today, teen drug abuse is more likely to be seen as a physiological disorder, a disease that can be treated and eventually conquered. Approaches to treatment for drug abuse vary, but people in treatment all learn how to change their behavior and reduce their cravings. Relapses are common, but people who stick with drug addiction treatment and can reclaim healthy, productive lives.

Drug addiction certainly can be treated. While drug abuse used to be viewed as being, at best, a weak, flawed person’s response to life’s pressures and temptations, today most professionals who work with teen drug addiction consider it a medical condition, on the same plane as diabetes or heart disease. And just as someone with diabetes or heart disease has to institute lifestyle changes and take medications, teens in treatment for drug addiction learn behavioral changes and often take medications as part of their treatment regimen. This change in attitude has helped boost hope for many teens and their families.

In fact, one of the reasons drug abuse is so prevalent is that many folks who need treatment for drug abuse don’t get it. The U.S. Department of Labor posted a report recently of one study showing that 47 percent of men and 41 percent of women in need of treatment for abuse of illicit drugs are not treated. Much of this gap between need and actual treatment comes from inadequate funding for drug abuse treatment and inadequate education about drugs and drug treatment.

There are many ways in which drug and alcohol addiction can be treated, and that treatment can lead to permanent recovery if the person fighting the addiction makes a real commitment to a treatment program and sticks with it. According to several studies, drug treatment reduces drug use by 40 to 60 percent, but, typically, only for people who stay in treatment for three months or longer.

Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is a long process that involves not only recovery from the physical effects of substance abuse but therapy that allows drug abusers to understand the psychological and social roots of their addictions and learn new ways of coping. As much as they need to stop using, they also need to recognize the emotional triggers that can cause them to start using again. That’s why it’s important to choose the treatment program that best serves the individual needs of the recovering addict.

Mark Peterson has done a lot of research about behavior modification. Through his research he has compiled a lot of information about boot camps.

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Earth Hour Ambassador-An Australian Success Story

Earth Hour Ambassador-An Australian Success Story
By []Mary-Jane Irwin

A short time ago, I was Lucky enough to meet a young, very fit and driven, 22 year old girl from QLD, whom, frustrated by the lack of action by our Governments and inspired by the Sydney Earth Hour Event, decided to do something off her own steam. Sarah brought awareness to the general public, not only for this event, but in general. to raise awareness for the need for us, to stand up and take action, in relation to a grass-roots level, of helping to save our environment for future generations.

Sarah took it upon herself to walk the distance from Brisbane to Sydney. Along the way, she gave talks at primary and Secondary Schools, to media and everyone she met along the way, encouraging them to actively participate in the Earth Hour Event.

Supported by Clover Moore, The Mayor of Sydney, at 7:30pm on March 31st, Sydney residents and businesses, were asked to turn off their lights for one hour. Some big business, including McDonald's and Coca Cola, participated. The event was so successful, that thousands of kilowatts of power were saved. This event has now sparked worldwide interest from such cities as New York, London and other major cities around the Globe.

Sarah's commitment to her own odyssey, in support of this idea, was also very successful, so that it wasn't just Sydney who turned off their lights, but everyone whom Sarah came into contact with, including myself. Incidentally, in our household, we attempt to have Earth Hour every evening since.

What is staggering is, the sheer spirit and determination in one so young, the belief in herself and her strength of character to undertake such a mammoth task. Of course, Sarah was backed up by a support team, but it was HER voice, Her feet and Her will power that drove the machine. Everyday, she endured heat exhaustion, exposure to the sun, the rain, all elements and sported huge blisters and fatigue. She sacrificed rest times to give talks along the way. Not once failing or becoming disheartened by what she had begun. Along the way she inspired thousands of young minds, encouraging them, that it IS possible, for one person to rage against the machine and take action themselves, to help better their own future.

If only our world was made up more individuals with such tenacity and determination to change the future we are now acing in regard to Climate Change.

I am in awe of her dogged strength and her exemplary statement to the Youth of Australia and the world. That one person CAN make a very big difference to the outcome of events. We should not sit on the fence and wait for our Governments and Politicians to lead us into evil. We have the power to flaunt the system in simple, non-aggressive and educational ways.

Sarah Bishop is an Australian Hero for the Environment and I only hope that her self-sacrificing efforts will be recognised and rewarded by the Australian Government. She deserves an Australian of The Year Award.
By Mary-Jane Irwin, [],

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Dear fellow bloggers,

I would like to invite you to be a part of this Earth Hour Project and together we will save the earth in a a short time. Let us save our mother earth.

The Power of Negative Thinking

The Power of Negative Thinking
by fin2000

Before you attempt to banish a bad thought, consider what it could teach you. Negative emotions can help you pinpoint problems you need to address. What follows are three major types of negative thinking - and how you can use them for good.

Feelings of Inadequacy

Recognize it: I suck at my job. I don't have any good ideas. It's just a matter of time before I'm fired.

Overcome it: Maybe you do suck - at certain tasks. Sometimes our negative thoughts are true, but don't accept that until you look critically at the evidence. Some people excel in group meetings, while others shine when they work alone. Figure out which environment suits you better. Still struggling? Maybe you and your job are simply a poor match. Find another job - quickly. Researchers at the University of Texas found that negative employees stick around in dead-end jobs longer than their confident colleagues do.

General Pessimism

Recognize it: I'm going to be late for my flight and miss the meeting. There goes the account. There goes my year-end bonus. My wife is probably going to leave me.

Overcome it: Don't deny your worst-case-scenario thoughts, but focus on specific things you do have control over. This will help keep your anxiety from spiraling out of control. It might also extend your life: research in the journal Psychological Medicine linked high levels of anxiety in your twenties to higher rates of death from illness later in life.

Self-Esteem Issues

Recognize it: The brunette at the bar didn't return my smile. She's ignoring me like every other girl. Oh, God, I must be hideous.

Overcome it: Once you start generalizing your problems, it's hard to stop. When you feel a sense of heaviness in your body, focus on what just went through your mind. Then stop the cycle by breaking the problem into manageable pieces: did she even see me? Is that a ring on her finger? Do I have snot hanging from my nose? If you look at the situation in this way, you won't become overwhelmed so easily.

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Another Very Inspiring Story of Jessica Cox

Another Very Inspiring Story of Jessica Cox

I received an email about an American Filipina lady despite of her handicap, she believe all is possible. Let now more about her.

Jessica has an American father and a Filipina mother. Oxford and Cambridge should now remove the words CAN'T and IMPOSSIBLE from their dictionary

Jessica Cox, 25, a girl born without arms, stands inside an aircraft. The girl from Tucson, Arizona got the Sport Pilot certificate lately and became the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.

Jessica Cox of Tucson was born without arms, but that has only stopped her from doing one thing: using the word "can't."

Her latest flight into the seemingly impossible is becoming the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.
With one foot manning the controls and the other delicately guiding the steering column, Cox, 25, soared to achieve a Sport Pilot certificate. Her certificate qualifies her to fly a light-sport aircraft to altitudes of 10,000 feet.

"She's a good pilot. She's rock solid," said Parrish Traweek, 42, the flying instructor at San Manuel's Ray Blair Airport.

Parrish Traweek runs PC Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Services and has trained many pilots, some of whom didn't come close to Cox's abilities.

"When she came up here driving a car," Traweek recalled, "I knew she'd have no problem flying a plane."

Doctors never learned why she was born without arms, but she figured out early on that she didn't want to use prosthetic devices.

Jessica Cox, 25, earned a license to fly airplanes on October 10, 2008. Jessica also has two black belts in Tae Kwan-Do, a college degree in Psychology, and a thriving career as a motivational speaker.

What doesn't Jessica Cox have? Arms.A bilateral congenital limb deficiency doesn't stop Ms. Cox from achieving and surpassing her goals. From birth on, her feet became her hands. She can drive a car, type 25 words per minute, and fly an airplane using her feet, without any special adaptations. She is the first woman without arms to earn a license to fly.

"I highly encourage people with disabilities to consider flying," Cox said. "It helps reverse the stereotype that people with disabilities are powerless into the belief that they are powerful and capable of setting high goals and achieving them."

Jessica earned her Sport Pilot certificate after training with Able Flight, a North Carolina flight training company that specializes in helping people with disabilities learn to fly. Ms. Cox won an Able Flight scholarship and was able to train with instructor Parrish Traweek free of charge.


7 Signs Your Child is Gifted

7 Signs Your Child is Gifted
by Rachel Nunez

There are many ways to define giftedness, though gifted children have one common factor: they can show extraordinary performance in many ways. As parents, we should understand that a child is gifted in his own way. They can be exceptional in different areas such as music and arts. Every child has their own skills and talents, though it needs to be nurtured starting at toddler. Many parents provide educational toys to enhance their child's skills. Parents can tell if their child is gifted by observing them play.

Here are signs that your child is gifted:

1. Child shows excellent abilities in terms of academic fields, whether it is mathematics, languages, science and even at performing arts. Usually, the child receives an award for academic performance, or as an outstanding student of the class. Learning is fast for him. He can read, write, recite without mom's help. The child also shows resourcefulness by improvising things. Mostly good in written and oral skills. He can answer questions and solve problems too. When you found out that your child possess this abilities, be happy - your child is gifted. Provide your child educational toys to cultivate their knowledge. Chunky board books, ABCs, pop-up books are some of the educational toys your child will surely love to have.

2. Child loves to listen to music and enjoys singing a lot. He has a good voice and can follow rhythms well, knows how to read notes and put them into tones. More over, the child expresses himself through music.

3. Child tends to be a dramatist. He can act out characters on his favorite toy characters and voice out what he reads at a book.

4. Child shows appreciation in performing and visual arts. Likely, he would ask you to buy art materials and then, you would find him making a few sketch, drawing or painting. The child is usually focused on his drawings and he is too good on color combinations. He loves to carry his sketch pad and shows it to his playmates. What you should provide him are educational toys for arts, such as coloring pads, color pens, crayons and washable books.

5. Child's psychomotor activity and coordination of body, hands and feet is good. The child loves adventure, physical games and outdoor activities. Energetic but knows how to choose what kind of games he will play. When your child has this skill, he may be an athlete. He is good in motor skills and has strong stamina.

6. Child loves to express himself through writing. You can find this child in the depth of his writing. The child usually writes stories about his dreams, favorite places and trips. Pen and paper is his top most favorite things. He can write a good essay in a short moment. Observe your little one, if he loves to read and then, most likely he has a passion for writing. Provide your child with educational toys that enables him to nurture his knowledge.

7. Child shows leadership. When he plays with other kids, he is the one who gives instructions to the rest. The child organizes the play and resolve quarrelling playmates. His playmates often ask ideas and directions from him. The child has a lot of ideas, shares them to others and decides. He is a good decision maker.

Of course, there are a lot more signs that your child is gifted and parents should be aware of it. Your child may or may not have the given signs but they can be exceptional in other ways. If you see the signs that your child is gifted, make a generous effort to nourish it. Provide your child educational toys that can help them stimulate and cultivate their skills even at playtime.

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Top Concerns for Mothers After Childbirth

Top Concerns for Mothers After Childbirth
by Jess Chamberlain

Some women think that pregnancy is difficult and that life can't be any harder then that...boy are they in for a surprise. Having kids is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience but it is also one of the hardest.

After the child is born you still have many issues to deal with like the following:

Hormonal changes while your body tries to get back into sync with regular womanhood You are exhausted from your baby waking at night wanting to eat or cuddle If you breastfeed the demand is all on you and your nipples and breasts are sore You now just feel fat because you have extra weight but no baby inside of you as your excuse as to why you just chowed down on two quarter-pounders with cheese You have a low sex drive because you feel fat, are exhausted and terrified of another nine months right away

Well the good news is that you are not the only one that feels like that after having kids. Every new mother has some concerns, self esteem issues, etc. We are human...mothers are sometimes Super Human but every woman who has a baby goes through the same thing.

Here are some tips to help you deal with the main after childbirth issues.

Lack of Sleep

When you have a baby you need to be on your A-Game so mommies please sleep when your baby sleeps. I know you think there is laundry to fold, food to cook, dishes to clean etc but just sleep! Your husband would much rather have a rested wife than a clean house. People hate to ask for help when they need it but if you are too exhausted to function ask a friend, relative or babysitter to come over for a few hours so you can get the much needed sleep that you need.

Loosing the Excess Pregnancy Weight

The best way to loose your pregnancy weight is with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Don't push yourself the day you get from the hospital. Understand that your body just went through an amazing yet exhausting experience and needs time to heal. Remember it took you nine months to gain the weight so it may take that long to loose it. Crash diets will not work so eat right and exercise by taking your baby on walks.

Getting and Feeling Sexy Again for Your Man

This is a scary thing for women because they don't feel sexy. Mommies believe it or not your husbands actually think you are sexier now than they did before you gave birth to their child. They are actually in total awe and jealous of what your body has just think they can do everything but they can not give birth to a human being!

To keep the spark alive or to reignite it you will both have to work at it. Let your partner know your concerns so he can help you feel better about them by complimenting your new curves, etc. Before you know it you will feel sexy again.

Taking Care of Yourself

My husband said that the second our son was born the mommy switch inside clicked on and has never turned off. I, like most mothers, have a tendency to always make sure that my husband and my son have everything they need before I do. That is a noble thing but you can't neglect yourself or you will gain resentment that is unhealthy. Doing something small to take care of yourself like a manicure, hair cut, eyebrow wax etc is not selfish it is healthy.

Finding Some Alone Time

Every mom needs some alone time for relaxation to get away from baby spit up, dirty diapers, crying and more. Take some time for yourself every day and enjoy a hot bath, two chapters of a good book, your favorite dessert. Make sure to do something that will make you happy and relaxed so you can hit the next day and the next task with full force and a big smile.

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Author of children's book Bright and White: Brushing your teeth can be fun. Web Site

Five Steps to Freedom from Worries

Five Steps to Freedom from Worries
by Zuske Sagara

Merriam-Webster defines “worry” as a mental distress or agitation that usually comes from something that is both feared and anticipated. The source of ones worries can either be real or imagined. Worrying causes so much stress and anxiety. We use so much our our mental energy, time, and even resources to control or attempt to manage our worries. But no matter what we do, these worries don't really give us peace of mind.

But what does worrying do for us? Worry is like a dense fog that can cloud our vision and slow us down. It even knocks out our sense of proportion. When we worry about things that happened in the past, we fail to move on in life. We also worry about health, money, and other things that have yet to happen --- a situation that causes us even more trouble.

We worry about our payments...tuition fees...who our kids are dating...the stock market...interest rates...the ozone layer... and even about comets hitting the earth. Our “enslaving expectations” make us restless and afraid. Discontentment and worry destroys our personal peace and “eats us alive.” Being enslaved by worries is like being inside a pressure cooker. It is like living in a state of chronic frustration. Our dissatisfaction also magnifies our weaknesses.

Another cause for worry is when we needlessly compare ourselves to others or when we are consumed by envy and greed. Keeping up with the Joneses is another social malady that afflicts so many people. Insecurity and lack of confidence makes some individuals look and see how “other people's grass is always greener.” This situation drives them to equal or even surpass other people's material possessions or social standing. Worse, they do this using pretense and other inauthentic means of improving their status. Material gain is not celebrated as proof of financial success but more so as a means not to “look smaller” compared to the neighbors, officemates, and other sources of envy.

How do we deal with worries, then?

The first step to dealing with worry is to identity what worries you the most. Accepting that you have fears is the first necessary step.

The second step is to tell yourself that worries are not necessarily logical or rational. It is important for a worrier to start believing that their worries can be solved. While having feelings of worry is a valid emotion, a worrier must really decide to start the journey to freedom from fear.

The third step is to make a sensible plan on how to address those worries. For example, if your children frequently come home late at night, give your children mobile phones so that you can always keep in touch. The worrier must take action and correct situations that cause anxiety.

The fourth most important step is to let go. Letting go is key to overcoming worry and all the stress that comes with it. Letting go entails having faith that “...God will make things work together for good.” it does not mean that one gives up in resignation. Letting go is simply entrusting one's work or one's life to a higher power after one has already done the best he or she could under the circumstances. After you've done everything you could, there is already no point in being in anguish over life's many details and tasks. is a reputable online drug store. From sexual health to a woman's health, sleeping aids to weight loss pills, our online pharmacy offers convenient customer access to various health medicines, including an array of health product and medicare prescription drug.Buy Soma | Buy Tramadol

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Fighting Porn Addiction - Refocusing Sexual Energy

Fighting Porn Addiction - Refocusing Sexual Energy
by Michael Porteous

Fighting porn addiction can seem like a battle with your own libido especially if you have been masturbating to online pornography for a long time for a number of reasons:

Anything done for a long time becomes a habit that can be so ingrained into your lifestyle it is hard to shake.You have trained your body to expect sexual reward and the lack of such a reward becomes like a physical craving.
Ease of access means that relief to your frustrations and cravings is so easy to satisfy many continue to give in and do not gain addiction recovery.
Help is hard to come by because the subject is so taboo with most people making this a very lonely addiction.

So what can you do to fight porn addiction and come out on top and in control of your life and sexuality?

One such method that may help is to find a way to refocus your sexual energy. It is too easy to simply say i will do something else when i feel the need to pop online to view pornography but it is a part of the puzzle. The real results come from changing your mental addiction triggers to be positive rather than negative (being excessive porn and masturbation). When you discover what triggers your episodes online find something you can do to take your mind off it and stick to that, write it down and make it a new habit. It could be that you are depressed or sad which would require something targeting that particular trigger. It may be that you have sexually frustrating relationship issues which would require an approach aimed at solving that problem. One of the biggest problems though is boredom for many people and when online it is such an easy way to spend time despite the problems with sexuality that porn is known to cause .. if this is the case the best way to start changing this is to find a non-computer based alternative to relieve boredom because any association with the PC and the internet can easily lead down the path of addiction again.

For more information on fighting porn addiction for yourself or if you know someone who is addicted click below to find the answers you need to end your addiction and be unchained, free and happier with yourself and your sexual life without having to go to sex addiction counseling

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What Custom Content Can Do For You

What Custom Content Can Do For You

In an increasingly crowded web marketplace, it can be difficult to separate from the pack. Sometimes even having a good page rank is not enough. You could have a number one ranking, but if your site is uninformative or poorly designed, web surfers are going to click and run. With the number of affiliate sites now entering the field, there is even more competition for web surfers' time. To succeed on the web, your site needs to be an absolute authority in a particular field.

A website is the best promotional tool an e-business can have.

The business can advertise all over the web and set up pay-per-click campaigns, but if the site itself is weak, you cannot expect web surfers to stick around or come back a second time. Custom content is all about keeping surfers on site and coming back for more.

The more content you have, the more chance there will be that a surfer will type in that keyphrase that matches content found in content. However, keep in mind that web surfers can smell fake content—content that is purely used to generate traffic, with awkwardly phrased keyphrases and grammatical oddities. Your better bet is to write content that is factually relevant: informative content, rather than just keyword-driven content. In relevant content, a large number of keyphrases will be covered, in addition to being a trusted source on the topic.

A hundred pages of informative content can be far superior to a hundred pages of keyword-driven content. If a spider detects that too many keyphrases are mashed together on a page, the site could be red-flagged, or even banished to a permanent low ranking in a search engine. In the past, a website owner could write the same keyword over and over again at the bottom of the page. Spiders got wise to this and now this tactic can be more of a detriment than a benefit. Relevant, custom content will never be red-flagged by search engine spiders.

Custom content can lead to sales or new clientele. Think of two sites: one site offers little to no information on a topic. Another site addresses any and all topics affecting an industry. Which site do you think a potential customer is going to trust? Content is not just about ranking high in search engines via page ranking, but about providing a quality website. Custom content should be a mixture of both naturally keyword-rich content as well as highly useful information.

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Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children
by Arthor Penz

Children who witnesses domestic violence against his or her parent is a victim of domestic violence as well. Approximately five million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year. A child may be a witness to his or her parent being emotionally abused, physically abused, economically abused and/or even sexually abused.

No matter how hard a parent tries to shield their child from the abuse he or she receives from an abusive partner, the child usually knows what is occurring. Even a young infant can tune into the tension and emotional feelings of his or her mother.

Most children will experience problems if they live in a violent home and witness a parent being abused. Children who witness abuse are more inclined to have behavior and emotional problems. Some children will develop psychosomatic disorders. This may include bed-wetting, school problems, night terrors, stuttering, excessive fear and crying. Children may experience depression, suicidal behaviors and phobias if they are kept in a violent household.

Older children may blame themselves for the abuse a parent receives. Older children may even step into the abuse to direct the attention onto themselves and off of the battered parent. There is a great risk that children who witness abuse may grow up thinking that violence is the only means to resolve emotional and relationship conflicts. Boys who grow up in an abusive home are more likely to batter their future partners versus boys who grow up in a nonviolent home. Children who have witnessed abuse to a parent are also more likely to drink alcohol and abuse drugs.

Children who live in a domestically violent home will suffer some form of neglect, be it physical or emotional. It isn’t always just the mother who is abused, but the children may be abused as well. Many adults who were abused when they were children report that witnessing the abuse to their mother was harder for them to deal with then the abuse they personally received.

Help for Battered Women:

If you are a victim of domestic violence, help is available. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. They will direct you to places in your area where you can seek help. Please get yourself and your dear children to safety: YOU ARE LOVED. (Pretend Reality) is a income and emotional resource site for single mothers and battered women.

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The Day One Fell, But Got Up Stronger

The Day One Fell, But Got Up Stronger


What type of strength do you think is the word referring to? What comes to your mind, I guess is some muscular person. Well, this is one type, there is always more than one type of strengths in life, which you may possess.

I am weak, but not powerless!

You may get taunted by people around you all day, saying, that individual is better in looks, and so many various ways of comparison. But, you are not totally wiped out, there is a strength you have, it is just unused, till now.

A purpose, in living.

You are not alive for no reason, you are not going to live for nothing. The simple act of motivation on you works wonders. You heard of this great man: Nick Vujicic?

Nick Vujicic

He tells you to live with a purpose, and when it is confirmed, you will feel the commit
ment in your life. Just like me, Lance Armstrong says he believe in like, not death! The lack of belief in yourself is self destruction. And a lack of motivation is doing everything the same way again. Make mistakes you made before, and live without improvements.

Life is tough. I agree

But that does not give you a mandate to fall back and not transcend yourself in your life. I agree life is tough, but many people do not even know I am fighting cancer. And studying to get a diploma. Yes, you and I cry, but the tears must stop after some time.

Getting drunk makes one forget problems, but not solve them. So the issue does not change, in fact, the sober person is now suffering from a 'hang over', which makes problem solving very tough.

The will to be strong

So, the only thing one has to do is believe in yourself, do what you know is right. which means, be a law abiding person and positive in the journey ahead, a life long journey.

Stanley Lai is a cancer survivor who achieved in an awkward way and lived on. He now writes articles to inspire others and help them to overcome challenges in life.

Here is where you can find out more about []Live well

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can either be a way to put a little extra cash in your pocket or, hopefully, become a full time job. However, it's not like you can put up a bunch of affiliate links and expect to start making a mint. If you want to make a full time job's worth of money off affiliate marketing, you have to work at it full time. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it works 24/7—but this doesn't mean you should also put in several hours a day of your own time.

The affiliate marketers who have had the most outstanding success are normally those who have more than one site working at once. It's much harder to make a decent amount of money if you have one affiliate site at a time. Experienced affiliate marketers will have a number of different sites running at once, all with different types of affiliate links. What this means is that each affiliate site will need separate SEO: new content in the form of blogs, forums, articles, and other techniques.

A key to a successful affiliate marketing program is to make the affiliate site a useful resource. Just posting a bunch of links is not going to impress many web surfers. They'll leave and likely never come back. The trick to any web business is to keep people on site—this is true for the affiliate partner and it's true for affiliate marketers. An affiliate site shouldn't necessarily scream, "affiliate site." Instead, it can be a trusted resource on a particular topic.

Useful content is the best way to make this possible. Take a site that has a number of links to sports-related businesses (apparel, equipment, tickets, books, etc.). The affiliate marketer can then set up a forum that talks about different sports teams, strategy, and so on—potentially, this forum could bring in sports fans from across the country. Blogging is another great medium for affiliate marketing. On the same site, the blogger could write reviews of new equipment or write in depth trade talk about a variety of sports. These are just a few ideas but they show how affiliate marketing can—and should—be a serious, long-term proposition.

What it comes down to is that affiliate marketing is no different than running the host site. Both are about running a business, even if an affiliate marketer has no direct product or service to sell. An affiliate marketer should set up a site that is useful and informative—a destination that people will come back to again and again. In some cases, an affiliate site might even be more informative than the partner's website.

Only until these issues are covered can an affiliate marketer hope to make a good amount of money with affiliate marketing. Sure, you could put up links and hope for the best, but you should think about investing some time into the site if you really hope to turn a respectable profit.

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The Good Cover Letter Gets Your Resume Read

The Good Cover Letter Gets Your Resume Read

Author: Melissa Brewer

A dazzling cover will get your resume read - plain and simple. What do I mean by dazzling? I'm not talking about a clean, professional format - although that is definitely a component of a good cover letter. I'm also talking about a confident, intelligent cover letter that hooks your reader, shows your professionalism, and stops your reader dead in their tracks to finish it.

Your cover letter should be properly formatted and the first paragraph should explain the advertisement that you are responding to. Immediately following this information, you should begin to tell the employer who you are and why you are qualified to apply for the job. However, be careful with the language you use in your cover letter - starting every sentence with "I" is a huge turn-off for those who make the hiring decision. A cover letter should be focused on "you" - with "you" being the business you are offering yourself to. Discuss your qualifications, your goals, and your professional attributes and how they apply to the company you want to join as a valuable team member.

The second paragraph is where you should prepare to shine. Show the employer why they need you because you're a super-whiz ready to do anything to get the job done. You love the job so much you dream of it in your sleep. You've read a hundred articles of the company since you were 12. Describe your strengths, passions, and collective experience in your career. You can describe why you entered the field and your major accomplishments at each place you have worked, any awards you have received, your favorite project, or all of the above. Try to keep your sentence concise but make sure you truly convey your passion. If you do any pro bono work or volunteer work in your field, mention this - in addition to any other related side-projects that are not listed on your resume. Don't re-state your resume or go over the information that is in your resume in your cover letter. Your cover letter sells your resume - so highlight certain areas of your resume but do so in the context of your career goals and how your qualifications and passion benefit the company.

In your final paragraph, tell the employer what your interview availability is, and when you would like to meet with her. DO NOT ask the employer to call you at their convenience. Confident professionals are eager to be called, and confident that they WILL be - you don't want them to call you back whenever they feel like it. Give them a date you will follow up if you haven't heard from them - and then do follow up.

It's important to remember that a cover letter is just the first page of your story that's intended get the employer to read your resume. You've got to write the bang-up resume. You've got to ace the interview. Practice writing, speaking, and thinking with confidence throughout your job search process, and you'll not just get the job you need, but the career you want.

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Melissa Brewer is the author of the Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs, the complete guide to work from home call center employment available at . She has worked as a freelance writer for the past 9 years and currently resides in Washington, DC, three miles from the Obama White House.

Adecco New Zealand: Your Partner In Creating Career Opportunities In Nz

Adecco New Zealand: Your Partner In Creating Career Opportunities In Nz

Author: Cesar Marlo M Rivera

Looking for jobs in NZ? Well, you are not alone. You are one of the million job seekers who are searching for their dream job opportunities in New Zealand online. If you have doubts doing your job hunting online, this article features the advantages of online job hunting, will also help you avoid the recruitment black holes and point you to the right online job site in New Zealand to help you find the job that suits your skills and profile.

Why look for your dream NZ job online?

1. There are no better ways of looking for employment opportunities in NZ than in the Internet.

2. The internet is home to thousands of New Zealand job sites that have up-to-date job ads, which you can instantly access.

3. You can save your profile, resume and list of jobs you have applied for.

4. You can set alerts for newly posted, categorized jobs that will notify you through email if there are new job openings.

5. You can send your saved resume to any job openings instantly by turning on the auto-apply feature of the job sites.

6. And because of this, you will never lose a job opening. 7. You can have all the information you need in one click

8. Above all, you get to use the job site’s resource center to refine your career skills and get tips on preparing for a job interview.

Now that you know the advantages in looking for a job online, the next thing to do is to look for the right New Zealand job site that will open endless employment opportunities in NZ. An employment agency that will help you find the perfect job and career in New Zealand. There is no better NZ job site that can give you a wide range of opportunities than Adecco New Zealand. Adecco New Zealand has 19 branches scattered across the country to help you build your career in NZ. They will introduce you to variety of roles in different sectors to help you determine where your field of interest and skills lie. Then, they will provide a specialized training and development to enhance your skill to prepare you for new working experience in New Zealand. There are thousands of employment opportunities in New Zealand and the key on getting them is easy if you have a partner in looking for the job that will fit your talent and passion. Let Adecco New Zealand be that partner in creating your career opportunities in NZ. Visit them now at

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A computer professional who works on the internet helping Adecco increase its viewers through optimization and other internet educational topics online. For world class job opportunities visit us at

10 Killer Ideas For Summer Jobs For Teenagers

10 Killer Ideas For Summer Jobs For Teenagers

Author: Sandra Clair

So, summer is quickly approaching and school is about to set you free for a couple of months. While this is a great time to relax as you get away from the stress of school, it is also an excellent time to line your pocket with a few extra dollars with some of these awesome ideas for summer jobs for teenagers.


One of the most popular summer jobs for teenagers always has been babysitting - and for good reason. Parents find themselves in a pretty difficult position when their little ones are suddenly home all day rather than in school. Therefore, they are looking for someone responsible and reliable to take care of their tykes. That person can easily be you!

Yard Work

You can set your entrepreneurial spirit free by starting your own yard care business. Summer is a time when the yard demands a great deal of attention - from mowing, to weeding, to planting flowers, many homeowners are looking for someone to take over these chores for them. Just be sure to have the tools you need to get the job done. This is one of the more physically demanding summer jobs for teenagers, but the monetary rewards can be substantial if you do the job right.

Pool Maintenance

If you live in an area where everyone seems to have a pool, you can offer your services in this area as well. Most pool owners dread the work it takes to keep their pools clean and running smoothly during the summer. If you know what you are doing, this is one of those summer jobs for teenagers that can keep you quite busy throughout the summer.

Local Parks

If you love the outdoors, one of the best summer jobs for teenagers is working with the local, state, or national parks in the area. You might be able to work on the maintenance crew and be responsible for helping keep the park clean and functioning properly. Or, if you are really knowledgeable in a certain area, you might even get to lead tours.

Camp Counselor

Now that you are a teenager, the days of attending a summer camp can be replaced by being employed by the camp instead. Depending on the area in which you live, summer jobs for teenagers at camps can be quite abundant. And, adding this job to your resume can help you make quite an impact on future potential employers.

Clean Some Gutters

If you aren't afraid of heights, another of the best summer jobs for teenagers is cleaning gutters. Many people don't even think about this important chore, or they forget about taking care of it. A friendly reminder from you and an offer to get the job done might be all it takes to land yourself some clients.

Get Cooking

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you might also want to consider making homemade delicacies for people and bringing them to their workplace for lunch. Or, offer your services for catering a small function.

Get on the Net

There are many employment opportunities on the Internet for both the young and the old. For example, you might start a freelance writing business or a business designing web sites if you are skilled in either of these areas. Or, if you have an eye for spotting items that people would love to buy, you can try your hand at selling items on eBay.

Help at a Garden Center

There are a number of businesses that are in need of seasonal help. These are ideal summer jobs for teenagers since the employer only needs your help for a short period of time. Garden centers or even home improvement stores that house a garden center may be in need of someone to help maintain the plants and load people's cars.

Let Your Creativity Shine

If you are the creative type, you might want to consider renting a booth at the local fairs during the summer. The summer is generally a very busy time of the year for these occasions. If you are capable of making handcrafted items that people adore, put your wares for sell at a number of different fairs and see how much money you can make!

Summer jobs for teenagers do not have to be restricted to working at a retail outlet or at a fast food restaurant. With a little imagination and persistence, you can easily find a number of fun and profitable ways to keep yourself busy over the summer.

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If you're a teenager looking for a job, Online Summer Jobs is for you. At OnlineSummerJobs.Com, you will have access to thousand of jobs everyday - absolutely free of charge! For more information, check out our summer job listings today!


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