The Day One Fell, But Got Up Stronger

The Day One Fell, But Got Up Stronger


What type of strength do you think is the word referring to? What comes to your mind, I guess is some muscular person. Well, this is one type, there is always more than one type of strengths in life, which you may possess.

I am weak, but not powerless!

You may get taunted by people around you all day, saying, that individual is better in looks, and so many various ways of comparison. But, you are not totally wiped out, there is a strength you have, it is just unused, till now.

A purpose, in living.

You are not alive for no reason, you are not going to live for nothing. The simple act of motivation on you works wonders. You heard of this great man: Nick Vujicic?

Nick Vujicic

He tells you to live with a purpose, and when it is confirmed, you will feel the commit
ment in your life. Just like me, Lance Armstrong says he believe in like, not death! The lack of belief in yourself is self destruction. And a lack of motivation is doing everything the same way again. Make mistakes you made before, and live without improvements.

Life is tough. I agree

But that does not give you a mandate to fall back and not transcend yourself in your life. I agree life is tough, but many people do not even know I am fighting cancer. And studying to get a diploma. Yes, you and I cry, but the tears must stop after some time.

Getting drunk makes one forget problems, but not solve them. So the issue does not change, in fact, the sober person is now suffering from a 'hang over', which makes problem solving very tough.

The will to be strong

So, the only thing one has to do is believe in yourself, do what you know is right. which means, be a law abiding person and positive in the journey ahead, a life long journey.

Stanley Lai is a cancer survivor who achieved in an awkward way and lived on. He now writes articles to inspire others and help them to overcome challenges in life.

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1 comment:

Dorothy L said...

Inner strength is a lot harder to develop than outer muscular strength...that is fact.
I deal with Woman's issues all the time and most of them stem from inner insecurities or weakness. Strengthening ones inner core takes self-discipline, persistence and because it is not physically seen...there is no one complimenting you on a job well done. So in fact one must rely on their own acceptance and compliments and not those of others. An even more difficult task because people generally feel they need the acceptance of others in order to feel good about themselves.
Great post!
Have a very positive day!


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