Earth Hour Ambassador-An Australian Success Story

Earth Hour Ambassador-An Australian Success Story
By []Mary-Jane Irwin

A short time ago, I was Lucky enough to meet a young, very fit and driven, 22 year old girl from QLD, whom, frustrated by the lack of action by our Governments and inspired by the Sydney Earth Hour Event, decided to do something off her own steam. Sarah brought awareness to the general public, not only for this event, but in general. to raise awareness for the need for us, to stand up and take action, in relation to a grass-roots level, of helping to save our environment for future generations.

Sarah took it upon herself to walk the distance from Brisbane to Sydney. Along the way, she gave talks at primary and Secondary Schools, to media and everyone she met along the way, encouraging them to actively participate in the Earth Hour Event.

Supported by Clover Moore, The Mayor of Sydney, at 7:30pm on March 31st, Sydney residents and businesses, were asked to turn off their lights for one hour. Some big business, including McDonald's and Coca Cola, participated. The event was so successful, that thousands of kilowatts of power were saved. This event has now sparked worldwide interest from such cities as New York, London and other major cities around the Globe.

Sarah's commitment to her own odyssey, in support of this idea, was also very successful, so that it wasn't just Sydney who turned off their lights, but everyone whom Sarah came into contact with, including myself. Incidentally, in our household, we attempt to have Earth Hour every evening since.

What is staggering is, the sheer spirit and determination in one so young, the belief in herself and her strength of character to undertake such a mammoth task. Of course, Sarah was backed up by a support team, but it was HER voice, Her feet and Her will power that drove the machine. Everyday, she endured heat exhaustion, exposure to the sun, the rain, all elements and sported huge blisters and fatigue. She sacrificed rest times to give talks along the way. Not once failing or becoming disheartened by what she had begun. Along the way she inspired thousands of young minds, encouraging them, that it IS possible, for one person to rage against the machine and take action themselves, to help better their own future.

If only our world was made up more individuals with such tenacity and determination to change the future we are now acing in regard to Climate Change.

I am in awe of her dogged strength and her exemplary statement to the Youth of Australia and the world. That one person CAN make a very big difference to the outcome of events. We should not sit on the fence and wait for our Governments and Politicians to lead us into evil. We have the power to flaunt the system in simple, non-aggressive and educational ways.

Sarah Bishop is an Australian Hero for the Environment and I only hope that her self-sacrificing efforts will be recognised and rewarded by the Australian Government. She deserves an Australian of The Year Award.
By Mary-Jane Irwin, [],

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Dear fellow bloggers,

I would like to invite you to be a part of this Earth Hour Project and together we will save the earth in a a short time. Let us save our mother earth.


Francis said...

Kita mo bro,, isang simpleng ideya lang nagmula ang movemntn na ito. Purihi ang Diyos! tayong lahat, gaano kaliit, basta malimit ay papuntang langit


Jessie said...

Correct ka bro, as long as the cause is for the goodness of human race :)For God be the Glory bro!


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