The Amendatory Law on RA 8042 - Compulsory Insurance

The Amendatory Law on RA 8042 - Compulsory Insurance

Dear fellow migrants. I am not so much in the Laws issue. But I want to repost this email that I have received, merely it concern Migrants or OFW.  Do you agree that we should have a compulsory insurance as stated in the RA8042. Please leave your comments. Let our voice be heard. Thank you!

Here is the email:

The amendatory law on ra8042 is now in malacanang. one of 3 things will  happen to the amendatory law by march 8 (monday/ international women's day):
(1) the president will sign it into law; or
(2) the document will lapse into law if she does not do anything on it; or
(3) she can exercise her veto powers, in which case, the entire amendatory law does not become a law, leaving it to the incoming 15th congress to do something about it...

In a meeting today, the CCOFW (consultative council on ofws) resolved to submit a statement to the president to strongly request her to veto the amendatory law specifically in reference to the compulsory insurance for migrants recruited by agencies (both land-based and sea-based) and the non-amendment of the proviso on money claims in regard to the maximum claims for a migrant who is unjustly terminated (the maximum is the equivalent of 3 months) which the supreme court declared unconstitutional and not in conformity with the labor code provisions.

The statement will be ready for signatures by 11am at the office of POEA deputy administrator hans cacdac at the 5th floor of poea.

All ccofw member NGOs/ CSOs are requested to go to POEA tomorrow to endorse it by signing on it.

For those who are far from POEA or who cannot go to POEA , in the Philippines and OVERSEAS, you may endorse the petition by sending us an email to this effect, with your  e-signature if possible.... your confirmation emails will be attached to the statement for submission to the president tomorrow before 5pm, manila time.

For your reference, on what the issue is all about, kindly click on for the ngo-trade union statement against the compulsory insurance issue.

apologies that this effort may be short notice and last minute, but let's give it one last try. let us call on the president to veto the amendatory law on ra8042. Migrants Rights Groups and Trade Unions say NO to the Proposed Compulsory Insurance Coverage for OFWs in RA8042! YES to OFW Protection! Download

on behalf of ccofw.

ellene a. sana
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines
72-C Matahimik Street, Teacher's Village
Quezon City, Philippines



Vernz said...

Hi Life ... this is good news kung maipasa ..

dropping by!

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Some Things Are Free
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BlogusVox said...

While they are at it, how about also repeling the proposed PagIbig membership to be also mandatory.

Ginagawa na tayong palabigasan ng gobyerno!

Life Moto said...

Vernz- medyo nagiging kumplekado pa ito. kasi nga meron na tayong PAG-IBIG,SSS and Philhealth. Its a matter of implementation and orientation sa aming mga OFW.

Blogusvox-medyo may tama ka dyan bro. baka susunod na nyan ay maraming tax ang ipapataw sa atin.


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