How to Deal With a Partner After They Cheated on You

By []Francis K Githinji

They broke the rules and they cheated on you. You still love them but you are finding it a little hard to forgive them and let them back in your life. Breaking up with them is not an option either, you have been together for a long time and this is the first time it has happened. They have apologized a million times but you still feel like that is not enough. Just because they cheated it does not mean they stopped loving you, they just slipped and they have promised never to do it again. Here are a few things to help you deal with your relationship after being cheated upon.

Forgive them. It is easy to say this but it can be really hard when it comes to doing it. Forgive them, that is all they are asking you. You might never forget they cheated on you but that is not what they are asking you to do. They are just asking you to find it in your heart to forgive the act and go back to normal. Normal might be a little hard to achieve the first few months after a partner has cheated but trust that you will be okay and that with time the pain will disappear and in its place the love you had for them will come back.

Learn to trust them again. Just because they cheated on you it doesn't mean they will cheat again. Do not push them further away by reminding them all the time that they cheated and you are not about to trust them again. what would you be doing with them if you can not trust them again. Trust can be a hard thing to gain after loosing it but with time and continuous effort on your side you can learn to trust your partner again. Avoid asking your partner every time they go out if they are going to meet with the other person. Life should go back to how it used to be and if they used to go out alone once in a while trust them enough to let them go. If they really love you, they will never do anything to make you loose trust in them again.

Do not deal with it alone. Get your trusted friends and family members to help you deal with it. A problem shared is a problem solved and if you share it with family and friends the pain wont be too much to bear. You will know how to deal with it. They will also try to make you feel better. You will also have someone on your side that will support you with whatever you decide on doing. Talk about it, you can also visit a counselor if you feel you can not open up to your friends or family. Sometimes talking to someone who doesn't know us is easier especially if its something you wouldn't want anyone you know to know about it because you consider it embarrassing. Something like someone cheated on you.

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