Sojorn Koto "The Myth About Judas Cave!"

Sojorn Koto "The Myth About Judas Cave!"
Repost from my Travel Moto

Have you ever been to Judas Cave? As what the Filipinos described of that place. For some believe that this cave was the hiding place of Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christ disciples whom betrayed him, for several months before he hang himself. After the death of Christ Judas escaped from Jerusalem and went to Saudi Arabia for hiding.

I can’t find any historical record of Judas Cave. As for me it just a myth. May I say it just a folk tale or urban legend story. If you have any record about Judas Cave I appreciate most if you could share it with me and the world.

The fact is that there is a cave in the heart of Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia. After a four long hours drive from Riyadh city we finally reached Judas Cave. Before we arrived at the cave there are piles of natural carved stones which look so amazing. As if you see giant mushrooms made of stone that guarding the surrounding.

The cave entrance is about two meters wide and several meters high. It took us ten to fifteen minutes exploring the cave, of course including the picture taking. You can feel the cold breeze air inside the cave. Finally as we went out the hot air that approached us. We really enjoyed the place. It is a nice tourist attraction. As I have heard that the local government of Al Hasa plans to improve the area to boost tourism.

Oh Wow! How great and beautiful of God’s creation.


Alkapon said...

base, ang pagkaka alam ko, sa hofuf daw yan... sana nagpakuha ka rin ng picture sa ilalim ng bato na parang nalalaglag, parang binubuhat mo kung ganun.. yung mga kapit bahay ko, galing din dyan sa lugar na yan noon.

The Pope said...

I came across this place in the internet and I tried to google it and you are right, I cannot find any historical trail of that Judas Cave.

But I find it interesting because of its breath taking beauty which you have described.

Whatever secret it has remains a mystery, the important thing is that we have witnessed the beauty of God's creation.

Vernz said...

Wow buhay moto! Cge one of these days .... and for that You just won the BEST BLOG AWARD claim it in my blog. CONGRATS!

SCOFIELD JR. said...

wow, thats indeed a nice spot for tourists. And kuddos to the those who preserves that place...

just blog hoppin'

Ruby said...

wow you seems to have fun here..para ko na ring nakita ang lugar sa pix mo..ingta dyan palagi!

Life Moto said...

Alkapon - wala kasi me dalang kamera tsaka nakikipicture lang di bale next time :) Tama ka bro kasi Hofuf is in Al Hasa.

Gearge - bansag lang ata ng mga Pinoy yun decade back. Truly God's graftmanship is so wonderful.

Vernz - Thanks, i will drop by to your site.

Scofield Jr - that is why they funded this place to make it more beautiful tourist attraction. since it is one of the 7 Wonder nominees.

Ruby- minsan lang kapag holiday dito tsaka lang ako nakakasama sa mga friends.

Glampinoy said...

Hello, ganda nga ung place. Hope someday I will also see the cave myself.

I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks

Life Moto said...

Glampinoy - The place is really awesome. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you around.

Rej said...

ang ganda.

Life Moto said...

Rej- mas maganda kung ma experience mo personally. Di bale kahit picture lang muna at madala kita ganda na gawa Nya.


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