My Saffori Land Adventure - MYM

My Saffori Land Adventure - MYM

Last April 13 I went to the Saffori Land in Hufof City, Al Hasa K.S.A. Yes you hear it right Saffori Land  not Saffari.  It is not really an outdoor forest, rather a family recreation and gaming center found in Othaim Mall. While waiting for my cousin I spent 3 hours in this fantastic fun mall area.

I stayed in Al Hasa for 5 days and 4 nights. We have a week Eid Ramadan vacation. So this is one of my itinerary.

Here are some pictures of the fun adventures.

I took the banner but forget the Ice Skating  ring!

I hope you have some fun!

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Jag said...

Mas ma-amaze ako kung may Safari nga jan. lol. Ang galing naman ng gala mo. I'm pretty sure u really had fun.

Dinah said...

my kids will go crazy at this place! looks like a lot of fun!
Mellow Yellow!

Life Moto said...

@Jag sulit ang Eid vacation ko bro!

@Dinah I am sure na mageejoy ang baby mo dyan!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful place for the wholesome entrainment.

Ewa said...

looks like fun place to visit!

Ewa said...

looks like fun place to visit!

Dhemz said...

wow! ang saya naman...would love to go there...kaso alang pamasahe...ehehehe!

salamat po sa dalaw kuya....:)

Life Moto said...

@Rajesh, ewa & Demz -yes it is truly wholesome and fun place for kids. I am lucky to be abled to took the pictures. It noon time no people so much. Here in Saudi they prohibite you to take picture specially when the women around.

the horizon said...

I agree, it's wholesome and a good place for the kids. Thanks for the visit.


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