Part 2 Summer Vacation 2010 - Baguio Lion Head

Part 2 Summer Vacation 2010 - Baguio Lion's Head

Welcome! Last year we went to Baguio City.  We stopped by this Huge Lion's Head here in Kannon Road.  As it welcome you to the City of Pines. We have some picture taking and posing. Maybe this Lion's head was donated by the Lion's International.  Since there logo is on it.  Almost every tourist stop and enjoy the picture taking.

 This me and my family

Before you leave don't forget to buy some Baguio delicacies and souvenirs.

visit others Mellow Yellow Monday & Blue Monday


Smiling Sally



Jag said...

I stayed in Baguio for more than 7 months but I never had the chance to be there...sighs!

Nice vacation!

Happy V-Day!

forgetmenot said...

That's quite the lion!!!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

What fun for the tourists.
Have a mellow yellow Monday!

Mona said...

We love Baguio miss this place now :)
happy love day , have time to visit my MYM entry, thanks.

Life Moto said...

Jag kung hindi karin bababa or aakyat ng Baguio by Canon road ay nakakatamaranna rin magsadya.
Happy V too brod.

Jorgetmenot and cute too...

Lily everybody really enjoy the visit

Mona truly na nakakamiss ang ganitong romantic places.

Thank you all for visit.

Eric : Manila Blog said...

I always see to it that we stop on Lion's Head whenever we go to Baguio.

by the way, it's Kennon Road ;)

Life Moto said...

eric salamat sa bisita at pati na rin sa correction. Updated na po!


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