You Won! Happy April Fool's Day

You Won!  Happy April Fool's Day

Congratulation! You won the price of  being my best  visitor, reader, commenter, admirer and friend in the blogger sphere. Make jokes and have some funs but don't hurt others. Lot of practical jokes and pranks you can do today. Remember we do it only just to make us smile!

As a token of my appreciation please add you site.

Happy April Fool's Day! Thank for your visit.



Dhemz said...

nyahahhaa...kakatuwa naman ito...happy april fool;s kuya!

MOKS™ said...

nice one lifemoto...

Jag said...

:) ;) B-D 8) Happy April Fool's!

BlogusVox said...

Thanks for the gift.

Did you received your bonus already? The government is giving bonuses to all employees of the kingdom. I received mine (2 months salary)yesterday thru my bank account. Better check your ATM. >: D

Life Moto said...

@Demz its fun time!

@moks thank you

@Jag hope you enjoy it!

@Blogusvox Wala pa balita sa co namin. hoping and praying for the best.

thanks all!

Kim, USA said...

Hahahahahahaha natalisod pa naman ako papunta dito!! You got me!!! My first today wahhhhh!! Okey gonna have to do this too.....^_^

Noel said...

I knew it! hehe! Pero pumunta na rin ako para malaman kung ano ang pakulo mo hehe! Thanks!

Cacai M. said...

hahaha! 'Kala ko mag pa-contest at ako ang nagwagi.. hahaha! Happy April Fool's Day!

Sardonyx said...

naisahan mo ko dito ah hehehe, kala ko pa naman nanalo na talaga ako hehehe

Life Moto said...

@Kim sorry po natalisod tuloy ikaw.

@Noel salamat sa bisita at least we have fun

@Cacai well lahat po na bumisita ay nagwagi.

@Sardonyx panalo ka rin in my heart.


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