Forgiveness, Hope, Compassion and Gratitude

Forgiveness, Hope, Compassion and Gratitude
Author: Steve Conn

I find that the best way to live for me is to look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down with compassion and up with gratitude.

Forgive Yesterday is gone and mistakes have been made and today may not look like you thought it would, but it's okay. If someone wronged you or stole your joy in the past, you need to forgive them and move on. You also have to forgive yourself for things you may have said or done or not done that have lead you to where you are. As important as our past is, because it defines who we are at this moment, it doesn't define who we will be tomorrow or next week or next year.

Be Hopeful Tomorrow is a brand new day, we get to start all over again. We can plan better and focus more on the things we truly want to do so that we can achieve our dreams. Each day brings with it, opportunity. Opportunity to be more adventurous, more compassionate, more friendly, more understanding, more helpful and certainly more wealthy.

Show Compassion Those around you that are less fortunate are people too. They have dreams and stories, families and desires for greatness. They are struggling under life's pressures and most likely just need a helping hand, an ear to listen and some guidance and assurance through a tough time. Be sure to treat them with dignity because you may find yourself in a similar place one day only to wonder why people are so mean and hateful.

Be Grateful Our Creator wants the best for us. We were designed for greatness and it hurts Him so much, when we struggle. Especially when we don't look to Him for help. We can't do life alone, without the one who knows us best, the one who loved us first, the one that puts us above all other things and beings that were created. Look at your life everyday and acknowledge God's greatness in your life.

I believe in my heart that this is the only way to live and be joyful. There is no fear of the future when you know where you stand. When you put others first and focus on making the world around you a better place, you will be be blessed 100 times over.

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About the Author:I'm a 44 year old Christian man, married for 23 years to the most beautiful, God honoring women I know. We have been blessed with a 17 year old daughter who is my influence to be great. I believe that if you truly want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat..
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