Long Distance Relationship

“ Long Distance Relationship ”

Long distance relationship (LDR) is an intimate affair of two couples that is geographically separated. Is Long Distance Relationship really work in this modern time? Many couples end up separation. There is small percentage of success cases. And if it does it will be stronger than ever.

There are many challenges in a Long Distance Relationship

* Time difference or time zone, where as there is difficulties in your schedule.
* You can’t monitor each other, trust is required.
* Physical contact is long awaited.
* Loneliness and bored in your feelings.

Here are some tips to keep your love intact

Communication- There should be a constant and two way communications. Before Long distance relationship is not popular due to the form of communication. Lovers communicate through telephone or postal mail. Unlike today Long Distance Relationship is explode because of the advent of the modern technology. Distance and time is no longer a problem. You can receive and send text messages in seconds. You can talk with your love from a cheap mobile phone. Even more exciting, you can make a live video call with your 3G mobile phone. The best part is you can be reached anytime and anywhere. Unless your mobile phone is out of coverage or it is out of service. Internet is also available for cheaper and longer communication. For more convenient you can subscribe for an internet connection in your home. You must have first a laptop or a computer. If this gadget is unavailable, just resort to the traditional medium, telephone cabin or via air mail.

Patience – Couples are separated not by will but rather by choice. For example: you have been assigned by your boss to a new city or country, the worst scenario is that you have been terminated by your company. And your only option is to work abroad in order to cope up with your family needs. Like what happened to most of the Overseas Foreign Worker and Expatriates. It will take a years or more before you will reunite with your partner. Therefore you have to be patience and overcome the test of time.

Trust – There should be transparency in a relationship in order to gain the trust. In a long distance relationship you can’t monitor your partner. You mind have been clouded with bunch of speculations resulting to an argument. Therefore you have to be opened to each other. Tell story about your daily activities, the people you mingle with, the food you eat and the dress you ware. Impart your loneliness and happiness. Inform of your like and dislike. Share your problems. And never keep any secret that will ruin your relationship.

Self Control – is to discipline your emotion and desires to any form of attractions. Temptation is just around the corner. It is like a silent lion that will devour you if you allow. While others grasp it just to satisfy their curiosity and urge. Opposite sex attraction is a common temptation that soured a long distance relationship. You have to draw a line with your peer.

Humility – Relationship often brake up because of pride. It also often leads to selfishness when one person feels superior to another. Apologize for your mistakes. Learn to forgive your lover. And swallow your pride

Faith – is the divine intervention in a long distance relationship. Pray to Lord to give you strength to overcome the call of temptation; give you will power to be patience in any circumstances; avoid idling in your communication and learn trusting one another. Be content and thank the Lord for giving you a partner in life. Pray for each other. A couple that prays together, stays for-ever.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" (Ephesians 4:29 NIV).


Lord CM said...

Kelangan ko to, thanks parekoy :)

Hirap talaga pag malayo ang mga mahal sa buhay, lalo ung mga anak ko :(

SEAQUEST said...

Hmmmp, LDR it reminds me him again my first we been almost for 2 years and half, di pa uso nuon ang cp my phone pero mahirap pumila sa amin kc nga province minsan pa di makakontak so, we build our communications thru mail only but suddenly our communication lost, yah, right, maybe dahil na rin bz ako at bz cia sa studies namin pareho but because of that guy it took so long bago ako natuto ulit magmahal, maybe yun ang mali ko nawalan ako ng time to communicate with him.....but that was past. and i agree sa mga tips mo tama yan para sa mga married with job in abroad or kahit di man basta yung bihira magkita...

Sardonyx said...

suwerte-swuwertehan lang talaga yata ang mapa involve sa isang long distance relationship....I've been in to that and we survived....kaya eto ayoko nang humiwalay sa paningin niya hehehe. You're correct, no.1 talaga is "communication" 3x a week kung makatanggap ako ng sulat sa mister ko hehehe di pa kasi uso ang cellphone noon. Until now, minsan nagkakahiwalay pa rin kami because of his work kaya still kailangan ko pa rin ang mga tips mo na yan hehehe....above all dapat "love" nyo isa't isa.

Life Moto said...

Lord CM - totoo nga yan bro. constant communication para hindi tayo maging stranger sa mga anak natin

SEAQUEST - hanggat di tayo nadadapa at masugatan ay di tayo matututo. mahalaga bumangon at ituwid ang maling nagawa.

Sardonyx - congrats that you are one of those survive. pero ika nga tuloy pa rin ang pakikibaka sa life lalo na sa relationship with our love .

Ruphael said...

I hope my LDR will work..I need your petition, bro and the rest of the ka-blogs..

Life Moto said...

Ruphael - Rest assure I will bro. Always pray and work out for your LDR. We ourselves don't have the power, I believe in the Divine intervention.

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Life Moto said...

@ webtains gmbh it a must if you are far from your love one. thank for visit


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