Bids And Prayers for Hannah

Bids And Prayers for Hannah

I have came across to kiddomind blog about Baby Hanah. As I continuing reading the article. I was touch by her story as well as her parent sacrifices. Let me tell you a bit of their story.

Hannah S. Cordoviz is her real name or Baby Hannah. Born on August 14, 2007. Hannah is a cute and energetic kid as you can see, but she was afflicted with Congenital Central Hypoventilation (CCHS). In laymen term the nerve center that is supposed to make her breath in not functioning well. The doctor had to cut a hole in her throat in order to put a Tracheostomy Tube and attached it with a Respirator to keep her breathing.

Due to her very delicate condition, which requires 24/7 care, her parent were force to resigned from their respective jobs. To cover up her mediation, hospitalization and nurse, not to mention their daily needs, they make Rosary and sell it from their online store

It is truly difficult for a parent to see their child suffering from such illness. In spite of the trials, they still put their trust in the Lord. They believe that God has a plan and a mission for them. And their mission is to propagate prayers.

For those who would like to share their blessing, kindly visit
Hannah Ysabelle Homepage.

Bids and prayers for little Hannah.
Let us pray for complete healing of baby Hannah.


Lord CM said...

Salamat sa info pre, bisitahin ko..

Anonymous said...

Sir salamat po for this post. God bless! :)

The Pope said...

It really breaks my heart seeing the sufferings of little innocent children inflicted with illness.

I have submitted her site to my friends for possible help.

With prayers let us hope that may God's healing power touch the hearts of many people to respond to her needs.

thank you for sharing this post.

Life Moto said...

LordCm- Wala pong anuman.

rEJ -Your welcome, salmat din sa posting mo at sumunod lang ako.

Pope - Thank you for the gesture. Well the least think that we can do to help her. THe great thing we can do is to pray for her.

SEAQUEST said...

kakatouch naman i will consider her to include on my prayers always...Godbless

Life Moto said...

Seaquest - Thank you for your prayer for our Angel!


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