True Color of Friendship

True Color of Friendship

I reading the updates of news today in ABS-CBN site. I was so impressed with Kris Aquino message in the Buzz, "The former president Joseph Estrada earned her respect." Habang binabasa ko ang article ay lalo ako pinahanga nga dating president. President Cory Aquino was one of the people that supported GMA during EDSA 2, that ousted President Estrada.

I told to myself "this is the perfect time that politicians will take advantage of the publicity". Well my opinion was quenched by
Kris message. Despite of Tita Cory big participation in EDSA-2, President Estrada and his family still give their support to the Aquino family until the last moment of their mother's life. Estrada keep his promise to respect the privacy of the Aquino. He tried not to reveal the truth conversation between him and Tita Cory. Instead divert to the story to the children. Kris Aquino appreciate most what Estrada have done. By being there in time of need and set aside their differences.

The Aquino family also thank the Marcoses for their prayer support. We all known that Marcos was once Ninoy Aquino's political rivalry. So as Ma'am Cory ousted President Marcos during snap election that led to Peoples Power Revolution.

In this time of grief for the lost of our former President Cory, we can say that there are still true and honest friends. The beauty of Cory's death is that weather the color is yellow,red or green they have been united by one true color of friendship.


"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend."
--- Abraham Lincoln---


Mokong™ said...

gANDA NG COLOR COMBINATION... may pagka-bob moarley..reggae... bagay na bagay sa pagkakaibigan...

Hanggang ngayon nalulungkot pa din ako sa pagkawala niya... para akong nawala ng mahal sa buhay!

Ruel said...

nice post bro..

In my personal point of view, I question the sincerity of the Marcoses and Estradas. All these people are engaged in politics. Alam naman nating lahat na puno ng plastikan ang politika..

Baka kunwari lang ang pakikiramay ng dalawang kalaban..Just wanted to show to the public na nakikiramay sila at hindi nagtanim ng galit kay Tita Cory.

Let's just pray na sana totoo..

Francesca said...

AS THE MARCOSES AND ESTRADAS are part of the same ring with the AQUINOS, they show being supportive to one another, but in reality, they cannot stand one another in one place.
Thats politics.
And less I get Involve in politics better I am.

I thank you for your visit in my blog about "do you tell everything in your blog" topic.

back to your post,

Ms Cory deserve an honor. She gave courage and freedom to the filipinos during EDSA revolution.

No simple wife and mother could do what she did.
She will have the rewards from heaven.

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

and orange too Jess!

In Memory of Cory, Icon of Democracy.

Life Moto said...

Moks - What make a friendship perfect is the harmony of the colors. I'm glad u feel that. coz isa ka sa mga Pinoys na nakikibahagi sa kanyang paglisan.

Ruel - well una yun din ang nasa isip ko. but when I read about the interview medyo naliwanagan ng konti. check the abs link.
Let us hope that they are sincere.

Francessca - your welcome!
it sad to say na totoo yan. i remember last month of atienza and lim in a mass. but they never look to each other. SAYANG ang misa.
they are truly great couple. they live for the people and by the people.

Kenj - Sino nga ba sa orange bro? :)
She will always be remembered.


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