Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia "No Valentine!"

Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia "No Valentine!"

Love is on the air to OFW around the world on this Valentine's Day. Oooppps! But not here in Saudi Arabia. Where Valentine is banned.  A week before Valentine's day, Gift and flower shop owners were advice by the religious enforcers to refrain from selling red flowers and merchandises (valentine's card, red toys and heart shape)  related to the occasion.  Wearing of red cloths and carrying red toys are also strictly prohibited. Never great "Happy Valentine's Day", especially in public places.

Due to the ban on red roses, a black market has flowered ahead of Valentine's Day. Roses that normally sell for five Saudi riyal ($1.30) fetch up to 30 riyal ($8) on February 14, the Saudi Gazette said.

"Sometimes we deliver the bouquets in the middle of the night or early morning, to avoid suspicion," one florist told the paper.

Valentine's day is a catholic celebration for St. Valentine day. Thus Love is a universal language that  can be celebrated by anyone of any denominations without border. "Muslims are people of love, as evidenced by the fact that this word appears in [the Koran] 83 times,"

"I guess slowly countries all over the world is accepting the tradition of Valentine's Day, it is slowly integrating into their culture, 18 years ago Valentine's Day is banned here pero now, shops sells Valentine Cards and other items related to its observance, Valentine concerts are now also being held. The Pope said, btw he's from Doha.

I hope that one day Saudi will be opened for such occasion. Still each country have their own rules that we, (OFWs) should abide and respect.

Have A Happy Day!



Misalyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day po and Kung Hei Fat Choi na rin.

Tingin ko darating ang araw unti unti na ring matatanggap ng kaharian ng Saudi yan.

Dito sa UAE, dami ng decorations sa mga Malls and Shops. Feel na feel talaga ang Valentine's day. Para ring nasa PInas.

DRAKE said...

Eh sa totoo lang hindi naman kasi kinikilala ng mga katoliko ang Valentines Day, miski si Saint Valentine ay hindi naman talaga totoo!

Eh kahit halughugin mo ba ang Liturgical Calendar ng simbahan, hindi mo makikita yan!hehe


Mokong™ said...

Happy ValenTiger Life Moto...

Life Moto said...

Misalyn-buti p dyan feel n feel g mga lovers ang celebration. matatagalan pa siguro bago maging open dito. isa kasi dahilan ay pinangangalagaan nila ang kanilang paniniwala

Drake- in the new catholic calendar ay tinangal n yung feast-day ni St Valentine noong 1969 . Whatever the story behind St. Valentine, what matter most is the essence of sharing our love.

Moks - same to you and your wife too.

Happy valentigers to you guys!

Noel Ablon said...

Happy Valentine's Day, I have actually witnessed a Valentine's Party here in Jeddah with matching combo na pagkalakas-lakas na ingay at sayawan. We were invited, actually our wives were the one invited (me and a friend). I am not a party goer kahit pa noon but to have a change of environment, we went there since liblib na lugar siya.

I found a new friend and a new job prospect. I hope I can find a job there. I am planning on stepping on to a new challenge. hehe!

Life Moto said...

Noel- i think medyo maluwag dyan sa Jeddah. yun basta wala lang kakanta ay wala mapapahamak.


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