See How Japan Celebrate Valentine's Day

See How Japan Celebrate Valentine's Day

Do you know how Japanese celebrates Valentine's Day? Unlike the usual practice that men give flowers and choco. In Japan, Japanese women give gifts to their special someone and their friends. Thank to Jag comment for the initial info about how they celebrate Valentine's in Japan. 

"Honmei" chocolate and "giri" chocolate are two major types of chocolate given on Valentine's Day in Japan. "Honmei"chocolate is given given to a person that close to their heart, boyfriend or sweetheart. While "Giri" chocolate is the obligatory chocolate a woman buys or makes for male friends, co-workers, or classmates.

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vonfire said...

wow pati friends binibigyan ng gifts sana ganito rin sa Pinas! :D

The Pope said...

I guess slowly countries all over the world is accepting the tradition of Valentine's Day, it is slowly integrating into their culture, 18 years ago Valentine's Day is banned here pero now, shops sells Valentine Cards and other items related to its observance, Valentine concerts are now also being held.

God bless & Happy Valentine to you and your family.

Life Moto said...

Von- kaya lang kapag di ka mabigyan ay nakakahiya, kasi wala ka daw friend :) mahirap lang pag marami magbibigay coz there is a White day!

Pope- assuming na Catholics and pagan celebration daw ito. but Love is a universal language. I hope it will be legal here in Saudi soon! Next post about it.

Hapy valentine's guys!

DRAKE said...

Eh kasi ang mga lalaki sa Japan kulang ang time nila sa mga babae! Dahil sobrang busy nila.

Kaya nga nauso ang mga hosto dun, kasi dun lang daw nakakaranas ng pagppapahalaga at atensyon ang mga babae at feeling babae dun.

(Di mo naitatanong kuya eh dating Hosto ako!hahaha)

Life Moto said...

DRAKE - Salamat sa additional info. kaya siguro para kumita ang mga negosyante they made this kind of idea.

Las Vegas Overview said...

Valentine's day is when women are expected to participate in Girichoco (Obligatory Chocolate). They not only give chocolate to their significant others, but to other men they assosciate with, like bosses, co-workers, friends... etc.


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