Shout Your Love "Love Your Wife Day"

Shout Your Love "Love Your Wife Day"

Love is really in the air. Thursday, when dozens of Japanese shout out their love to spouse, themselves or simply put themselves in the marriage market. This event take place every year at Hibiya Park in central Tokyo to yell "love messages" for their wives out into the sky - in an attempt to show their appreciation for loved ones in an indirect but bold way.

Here are some messages, such as "I love you" or "Let me be with you," which are seldom whispered by bashful Japanese, were yelled aloud by some 25 men and women on the event stage televised across the country.

The Love Message-Yelling Event, co-hosted by a citizen group "Japan Aisaika (pronounce ah-ee-sa-ee-ka, meaning "devoted husbands") Organization" to mark the "Love Your Wife Day" on January 31.

Japanese have traditionally valued modesty and reticence over outspokenness, but Kiyotaka Yamana, a Tokyo resident who started the “Love Message Yelling Event” after his marriage failed, said that didn’t mean they were unromantic. “The dominant image of Japanese men is of overworked businessmen, but I wanted to tell people around world that Japanese men are actually very romantic,” Yamana said.

Among participants were a Kimono-clad woman who said she was unmarried and loved herself the most.

A single man who said he wished to have someone to live with amused the audience by crying out "Anybody. Please... right now."

"Love Your Wife Day"



DRAKE said...

Paano yan kuya wala pa akong asawa, ano ang isisigaw ko.... TISSUEEEEEE!! Korni!


Las Vegas Overview said...

I don't think yo u can just propose to her in a few months, you would have to date her. if that isn't something that will happen, why don't you go back to India and get another arranged marriage.

Life Moto said...

Drake - gayahin mo na lang yung isang sumigaw na naghahanap ng makakapartner. :)

Las Vegas- you are right. but we never know maybe it somebody luck.

Anonymous said...

That's odd. I really thought Japanese men are serious and always business-minded. So they're romantic pala huh.

If I were in Tokyo's Hibiya Park, maybe I'll yell: Will marry for a cabin house by the lake, with a private boat, a car, and a Swiss account!!!! Anyone?!! (Kapal di ba?).

Life Moto said...

Nebz- ok lang baka meron magkainterrest. :)

Jag said...

Dito sa Japan baliktad, during Valentines day ang mga babae ang nagbibigay ng chocolates sa lalake...last V-day nkatanggap ako jijiji...

Life Moto said...

Jag - iwas gastos pala ang mga lalaki dyan pag Valentine's day. Thank sa info Jag!

Misalyn said...

Kakaiba 'to ah. Hindi ko alam na romantic din pala ang mga Japanese. Nagwork sa Japan ang asawa ko way back yr2000, at ang observation ko sa mga Japanese men ay mga seryososo lalo na yung mga bosses ng asawa ko.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

I'm glad I'm not in Japan nor am a Japanese girl. hehe. Ayoko nga ng ako magbibigay ng flowers sa partner ko,dapat ako ang bibigyan, besides more on gadgets kasi si Mr. Thoughtskoto wala syang inclination sa mga flowers. haha.

Noel Ablon said...

@drake - gayahin mo yung bachelor na sumigaw ng "ANYBODY! Please... right now!" hehe!

Katuwa itong post na ito. Ako I don't really shout to the whole world that I love my wife. But they see in my actions that I really love my wife. I often whisper to my wife, how I love her and I think it beats the shouting stuff and everyday is "Love Your Wife Day" for me.

Uy, meron palang MRS. Thoughtskoto blogger hehe! Di ko lang siguro na-notice.

LIFE MOTo said...

Mrs Thoughtskoto- well di mo masabi na baka maenjoy mo rin if you're a Japanese. Choco na lang ang bigay mo kay Kenj! :)

Noel- correct ka dyan action speaks louder than words. Maybe for fun sake isigaw mo na rin :)

Las Vegas Overview said...

Wow very nice post for love message.

Life Moto said...

LaS Vegas- thanks!


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