Approved 144 Party List for May 2010 Election- By COMELEC

Approved 144 Party List for May 2010 Election- By COMELEC

The Commission on Elections approved Friday the list of 144 Party-List groups for the May 2010 elections to the House Of Representative. They will contenting 57 seats put of a total 287 House seats in the next Congress.
Included in the the approved list is "Ang Ladla", a gay and lesbian right group whose application was rejected by the COMELEC last month. For the ground of immorality. After Ladlad appealed, Supreme court ordered COMELEC to put the group back in the ballot. I am glad they are back. It so happen that the founder Danton Remoto is my cousin.
The following are the names of the groups that will vie for party-list seats in the House:

1-Aani, 1-AK, 1-Care, 1-Abaa, 1Ganap/Guardians, 1st Kabagis, A Blessed, AT, Abakada, Abang Lingkod, Aba Ilonggo, Abante Ka, Abamin, ATM, Abono, Abroad, ADD-Tribal, ADD, ACT Teachers, Alim, AKO, Adam, Alon, Ating Koop, A Teacher, Asahan Mo, A-Ipra, Agbiag, Agila, Agila, Agri, ADA, Agap, Ahon, Akap Bata, Apoi, Akbayan, Ako, AKB, Akma-PTM, Amana, Anakalusugan, Alagad, Alay Buhay, Abay Parak, Aama, ABC, Anad, AFPSEGCO, ARC, 1-Tubig (formerly Aawas), ABP-Bicolnon, Anupa, APO, Arcapp, AVE, ATS, Alma, Almana, AMS, Agham, ABA, An Waray, Anak Mindanao, Anakpawis, Aani, Aambis-Owa, AG, ALIF, Ang Ladlad, AMA, A Tambay, Anak, ABS, Atong Paglaum, Amang, Aral, ALE, AAPS, Apec;
Babae Ka, Bago, Bandila, BH, Banat, Bida, Bayan Muna, Bayani, Bigkis, Binhi, Biyaheng Pinoy, Biyayang Bukid, Buhay, Butil;
Chinoy, Cibac, CPM, Senior Citizens, Cocofed, Cofa, Consla, Coop-Natcco, Dwa, Fil-Mus, Firm 24-K, 1st Prisa, Gabriela, Green Force, Ivap, KLBP, Kabayan, Kabataan, Buklod Filipina, Kalahi, Kalinga, Kakusa, Ang Kasangga, AA-Kasosyo Party, Kaakbay, Katribu, Kaagapay, Kasapi;
1-Ahapo, Oragon, OPO, PEP, Katutubo, PM, Pacyaw, PCL, PBA, Smart, SB, Bantay, TUCP, 1 Ang Pamilya (formerly ANC), UNI-MAD, 1-Utak, Vendors Party List, VFP, WPI, Yes We Can, Yacap and Lypad.


Anonymous said...

Cousin mo si Danton Remoto?! Hindi nga?! I admire that guy. I think, I'm not sure if I were right, he was from Ateneo and he used to edit (or maybe write for) Heights Publication.

Glad to know na nakasama pala sila sa elections.

Ano? Magkikita ba tayo sa Jollibee?

Life Moto said...

First cousin ko sya bro. H was the Editor of Height in Ateneo de Manila. Well respected english professor, collumnist,script editor. I hope also na mapag bigyan ang appeal nya for sen slot.


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