The Key

The Key

Life Story: By Jeff

After a day's work, my colleagues dropped by the place I was staying in Cavite. We normally end a days work past 8 pm and this was no different. As a normal visit by friends and colleagues, we had a short round table discussion about work and projects with San Miguel Lights, juice and crackers. When we finished, it was almost ten pm, so I had to drive the guys out of the subdivision to the nearest transport hub. I told the maid that I will be back after bringing the guys to where they can take a jeepney. I was out of the house for possibly 15 minutes only, and when I got back the help had already closed the living room lights and locked the door. To my dismay, I left my house keys inside my room. I knocked and knocked but to no avail. I dared not knock too loud as to disrupt the whole street. I knocked intermittently on the door and windows, shouting "Manang" while doing so to no avail. I was resigned to sleep outside, when I remembered that maybe Jo, a friend of the help knows the cell number of Manang so I can call her. Murphy must be up that night since Jo confirmed that Manang has no cell phone.

I made myself comfortable on the bench press' bench using my jacket as a pillow. While trying to rest and accept my fate, I said my prayers, starting with the Our Lord's prayer and adding intercession to keep me safe that night. On my second Hail Mary my cell buzzed with an SMS message. It was Jo with a message on how I can possibly open the door. She gave me the instructions while I was talking to her on her cell. Lo and behold, I was able to open the door and get in. This just shows that prayers do work.


Noel Ablon said...

haha! When did this thing happen?

A prayer would be great but a spare key would come handy hehe!.

Prayer does work. I have lots of things that I've prayed and was answered by God.

Amazingly, it always made me feel great whenever I have an answered prayer. Makes me feel blessed and more dependent to God and of course I can feel more of His presence as my Father.

God bless.

Life Moto said...

Noel - not sure when the exact date. this is my friend story.

In all things we must acknowledge God kahit na maliit or big things na natatanggap natin. Though sometimes there are delay in our request but as the saying goes " Father knows best!"

Thank for sharing bro!

Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Di talaga Sya natutulog ano, na delay man ng konti pero naibigay Nya pa rin

Life Moto said...

Lord cm- kaya dapat maging katulad tayo ng nature na mahinahon at matayagang naghihintay sa paghubog ng panahon. kahit na anuman delubyo na dumating sa buhay!


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