Philippines 2010 Presidentiables Profile - Madrigal, Maria Ana Consuelo"Jamby" Abad Santos

Philippines 2010 Presidentiables Profile - Madrigal, Maria Ana Consuelo"Jamby" Abad Santos

BIRTHDATE: April 26, 1958
SPOUSE: Eric Dudoignon Valade


•Founder and chairperson - Abad Santos Madrigal Foundation Inc. (livelihood programs for women and children)
•Founder - Books-for-the-Barangay Foundation Inc.
•Chairperson - ABLE Foundation, Inc. (Scholarship for the deserving poor)


Las Vegas Overview said...

Wow fantastic seems a good singers.

Leonisa said...

She's a quite intelligent person and very passionate and dedicated to serving the Filipino people especially those that needed protection and justice (i.e. the poor, the indigenous, and the women sector etc.), unfortunately her works are not publicly exposed. But if you take time to search her profile and platform you'll be surprised that she has more than PR and most probably be inspired by her.

Proclaiming that she regretted getting a celebrity endorser to campaign for her at the time: “I have seen the folly of my ways and I will not repeat that because I don’t believe that we should perpetuate lies [with the help of] a thick budget.” , para sa akin kahanga-hanga ito, kahit alam niya na may masasagasaan nagpatuloy pa rin siya. Bihira ang umaamin ng kamalian publicly, this is one clear proof that she's making a difference. She's ending the traditional way of campaigning. in order to help open our minds she did it not for herself but for our country..

Hearing her on air at 107.5 was quite an eye opener to me. Let's learn more, search your lists of candidates and you'll be surprised how different seeing them based on media.


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