Angels Are Around Us

Angels Are Around Us

Life Story: By Jeff

I am new driver then, having just learned to drive out of necessity as I am starting my own family. I got an old third hand car, a Mitsubishi Galant Sigma, which is more than fifteen years old at the time I got it. Being a new driver, I am weary of traffic cops; those MMDA personnel and Police type. I am afraid that I would somehow make a mistake and get a ticket due to some traffic incident.

One day. I traversed the Makati Ave route and took to Kalayaan Ave. Crossing Kalayaan Ave I did not notice an open manhole in the middle of the street. Unluckily as I passed by the manhole, my rear left wheel got stuck inside the manhole. Imagine my dismay as I step on the gas and the car does not move. To make it worse the opposite traffic is now coming and cars started to honk their horns. I almost melted when I saw two MMDA traffic officers on the street corner at Makati Ave.

Thinking to myself, they would notice me soon and possibly give me a ticket for being in the middle of the road. As I sweat inside the car not knowing what to do, I thought out load "God help me". After saying those words, two men in dark t-shirt and jeans came walking up from the side street of Kalayaan Ave and came up to my car. Without saying a word, the two men lifted my rear end holding on the tire well and bumper. That did it, I got unstuck and I was able to move forward. As I turned around to say thank you, the two men are across the street going to P. Burgos side, far away from even a shouted Thank you. Wow, I said to myself, these two men must be angels. Thanks for helping a person out.


The Pope said...

It is really amazing, and I always believed that Angels really exists.

Thank you for sharing this story. It's faith that makes miracles happen which God provides to His beloved believers.

Lord CM said...

Ang dami kong gusto sabihin kaso halo halo na lolzz

Ang mahalaga hindi mawala ung pagtitiwala natin sa Kanya, at pasasalamat sa kung anong meron tayo ngayon na bigay Nya :)

Noel Ablon said...

I believe in angels too but they are not angels hehe but they're like angels.

God is truly amazing when He moves people to help other people. Sometimes He even move your enemies to help you out in your daily conquest.

Great story.

DETH said...

whatta nice story...i do beliv in angels din, hehehe:D

sabi nga ni Lord, just ask...

kathy said...

Wow! I believe they are angels snet by God when you asked for help... Sana ganyan palagi ano?


Life Moto said...

George - He always give us His blessing the only thing is we have to acknowledge his blessing.

Lord CM- Say it bro. Trust ang isang ugali na dapat natin taglay.

Noel- Angels are everywhere. though they don't have wings but they can carry you.

Deth - oo nga and additional be specific daw :)

Kathy - sabi nga ask and yo receive. sometime may delay but it will give unto you

NFB said...

Wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness. At times when we least expect, help is coming because God is into minute details of our lives. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We do exist because of His mercies for apart from Him, we can do nothing.

Pls continue sharing inspirational posts like this. God bless!

Misalyn said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I always believe that there are angels out there, everywhere.

Angels can be humans who happen to be our bestfriend, a compainion, a colleague, and even a complete stranger with kind heart to help without asking something in return.

"Ask and You'll receive"
Sabi nga pag humingi tayo at hindi kaagad naibigay, hindi dapat tayo magtampo, maaaring hindi kaagad-agad maibibigay, dapat nating maintindihan ang term na " Wait".

Have a blessed weekend.


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