Mellow Yellow Pizza Company Time

Mellow Yellow Pizza Company Time

Have yourself a slice of seafood pizza. Toppings with crab meat, shrimps, squib, bell pepper and mozzarella cheese. Taken at Pizza Company here in Corniche Al Khobar City, Saudi Arabia. The place is great and also the service.

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Liz said...


Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC

Christian said...

Is this from yellow cab? I love pizzas.

just followed you...add me please

you could see my entry at my blog


Life Moto said...

Liz happy MYM too thank for visit.

Christian- its pizza company. thank for dropping by.

Manang Kim said...

Wohoo ang laki naman nang pizza na ito? That looks yummy too lot of cheese, that's my favorite!

Streak of yellow

Vicki ~ FL said...

Looks good but leave off the squid for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Marice said...

that looks yummy! If only I could try that :)

u may view mine here

DrowseyMonkey said...

ooooooh - that looks soooo goood!

Life Moto said...

drowsey, Marice & Vicki- it really tastety and huge. thank for visit !

Anonymous said...

Ang cholesterol koooo!

For pizza, yes I would agree that Pizza Company is one of the best in Saudi and their Seafood Flavor is one of the famous. For pasta, don't order anything but the Pesto Pasta. The rest tastes cream-laden and therefore too high in cholesterol.

Sa susunod na dalaw mo sa PC, ikain mo na lang ako. I'll see if there's a branch here in Kuwait.

Ingat, Jess.

Life Moto said...

Nebz- surely sa first bite ay para sayo. likewise ingat ka dyan.

NoBenta said...

sir, ang sarapas naman niyan. how much is that pizza? sayang di ko napuntahan yan when i was there in khobar. kakagutom naman.

Life Moto said...

Nobenta - sensya na hindi ko alam ang price kasi nakisabit lang ako hehehe. Pero talaganag masarap sya.


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