Beat the Heat Tips

 Beat the Heat Tips

.    Drinking plenty of water
·         not to remain under direct sun exposure, try to remain in the shade
·         keep your cars well ventilated and aired
·         take extra precaution with elders and children
·         Do not leave your cell phone or other electronic items in the car exposed to the heat as it is easily flammable
·         Please be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen.
·         Dress in loose light clothing and avoid tight, air restricting garments.
·         wear your sunglasses outside the office in day light to protect your eyes tissue which can be easily damaged by such a heat and sun.
·          Try to leave an open bottle of water in your car if you leave it in an un-shaded car park as the evaporated water will counter act the heat impact.
·          Do not leave perfumes or lighters in the car as they are flammable.
·          Do no leave children or pets in locked unventilated areas such as    cars (heat will kill them).
·          Do not walk for long times directly under the sun (i.e. wear hat or umbrella). when conducting business outside the office. 



Jag said...

ibang iba ang init n dulot ng panahon ngayon kaysa noong mga araw...

kahit tag ulan n dito tatandaan ko ang mga tips n ito hehehe...

Las Vegas Overview said...

Sometimes, it loosens the ball point which is stuck. Just drop it from an inch high 2-3 times on your desk. Maybe higher once in a while. This has worked for me quite a few times..

Las Vegas Overview said...

As well with the other advice (which is really good advice) try finding roads with large amounts of shade, run into the line of sprinklers watering grass( seriously most people won't care) and this may sound strange but get your hair wet with cool water before you run (you are going to sweat anyways...).


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