Personality Signs Sleeping Position

Personality Signs Sleeping Position

I don't if these sleep positions can describe your personality. May Yes or No. Can you give some feedback if it is close to your personality.

* The Foetus 41%:  Those who curl up in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart.  They maybe shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax. This is the most common sleeping position, adopted by 41% of 1,000 who took part in the survey.  More than twice as many as women as men tend to adopt this position.

* Log 15%:  Lying on your side with both arms down by your side. These sleepers are easy going, social people who like being part of the in-crowd, and who are trusting of strangers.  However, they may be gullible.

* The Yearner 13%:  People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have ab open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they gave taken a decision they are unlikely ever to change it.

* Soilder 8%: Lying on your back with both arms put your sides. People who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved.  They don't like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.

* Freefall 7%: Lying on you front with your hands around the pillow, and your head turned to one side.  Often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin skinned underneath, and don't like criticism,  or extreme situations.

*Starfish 5%:  Lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow.  These sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed.  They generally don't like to be the centre of attention.

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