How Do you Celebrate Halloween?

How Do you Celebrate Halloween?

The origins of Halloween date back thousands of years ago to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts lived 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland, northern France and the United Kingdom. Their calendar was different than ours is today, and they celebrated their New Year on November 1.

In the Philippines. We used to visits our departed love ones. Offering flowers, candles and a solemn prayers. It also become an annual family reunion.  Some making tent and stayed overnight from the 31th of October till Nov. 1.

Here are some list of the Biggest Cemeteries in the Philippines:

  1. The Manila American  Cemetery and Memorial is located in Fort Bonifaciao, Taguig City.  The cemetery have 615,000 square meters in area. With a total of 17,206 graves , it the largest cemetery in the Pacific of US.
  2.  Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery for Heroes) is our National Cenetery within Fort Bonifacio also in Taguig City, Metro Manila. This cemetry is for the resting place for the military personnel, from privates to generals. Also for Filipino Martyrs and heroes.
  3. The Manila North Cemetery (or Cementerio del Norte), which measures 54 hectares, is considered the biggest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila. Beside it are two other important cemeteries, namely the La Loma Cemetery and the Manila Chinese Cemetery. The cemetery is owned by the Manila city government and has initiated an expansion program to build more "apartment tombs" and a crematorium.
  4.  The Manila Chinese Cemetery (華僑義山) is the second oldest cemetery in Manila after La Loma Cemetery and was designated as the resting place for the Chinese citizens who were denied burial in Catholic cemeteries during the Spanish colonial period. 
  5.  The La Loma Catholic Cemetery (Campo Santo de La Loma) was opened in 1884 and is located mostly in the city of Manila and the northwestern part to Caloocan.
How about you? How do you celebrate Halloween?

Happy Halloween!

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Mokong™ said...

Kami ni wife ko baka sa bahay lng ngayong undas, maulan kasi at tinatamad bumangon sa kama...maulan weh... hehehe
Happy All Saint's Day Life Moto

Life Moto said...

Hapi All saint day din sa inyo Moks!

YanaH said...

when i was still living in cavite.. we used to visit my dad's resting place sa cavite city.. we usually spend the whole night in the cemetery.. kase almost all of the kamaganaks will be there.. its a sort of clan reunion na rin kase, happens only once a year..with lots of food, kwentos at kung anu-ano pa..

but since im baguio based now, i just went to church this morning, said my prayers then went home.. at dito na lang sa bahay nagtulos ng kandila..

Life Moto said...

yanah salamat sa pag share mo ng undas experience.
hope to see you again.

BlogusVox said...

I don't know na how our family celebrate All Souls' Day. It's been more than 25 years since I witnessed or celebrated one.

My daughter even had adapted western ways of celebrating it. She insist to wear something "scary" on Halloween eve. : (

Las Vegas Overview said...

Thanks everyone who answered my questions!!! I choose Mrs. NickJ Someday because she had some great and funny answers!! But all others who contributed were great also!! Hope you all had a happy halloween!!!!

Jag said...

Ako since hindi ako nakauwi sa amin nagsindi lang ako ng kandila sa harap ng bahay ng tinitirhan ko tas nagdasal ng mataimtim para sa mga kaluluwa ng mga mahal sa buhay...

Happy Halloween!

Life Moto said...

Blogusvox nagiging commercialize na rin ang occassion na ito. gawa ng marketing. most of the people care for the party rather than their love ones.

Happy halloween to las vegas.

Jag ang mahalaga ay naaalala natin ang ating mahal na sumakabilang buhay.

Happy all souls day!

bingkee said...

As a Christian, we don't celebrate Halloween. Its origins are rooted in paganism celebrating evil spirits, witchcraft, and sorcery. Although the Bible does not have a pronounced teaching against Halloween but God is against evil and witchcraft practices.
As a Filipino, we just visit our dear departed in the cemetery and offer prayers and candles....that's it.


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