Embassy on Wheel Schedules in Eastern Province on Nov & Dec 2010

Embassy on Wheel Schedule in Eastern Province on Nov & Dec 2010

To all   of our "Kababayan" in Eastern province Saudi Arabia, the Embassy on Wheel (EOW) Schedules   are on November 25-26 and December 16-17. While in Jubail is on December 9-10
Excuse me for the late posting. Nevertheless there is an advance announcement too. For more details please refer to the Press Release 18 November 2010 from the Philippines Embassy in Riyadh..

18 November 2010

New Schedule of “Embassy on Wheels” in the Eastern Province

There will be two more “Embassy on Wheels” or EOW services in Al-Khobar and one in Jubail before the end of the year.
The EOW will be held at the International Philippine School in Al-Khobar on November 25-26 and December 16-17 with the usual cooperation and support of Filipino community leaders and volunteers from various organizations.

The venue for the EOW in Jubail on December 9-10 will be announced as soon as it is confirmed with the help of the Filipino community in Jubail.

In continuation of the new ePassport services started last month, the following arrangement will be observed at the EOW in Al-Khobar:
Date Time No. of ePassports
Nov. 25 THU 8:00AM – 5:00PM 200
Nov. 26 FRI 8:00AM – 12:00PM 150

About one hundred (100) pending ePassport applications from the previous EOW will be prioritized and added to the number to be encoded on Thursday, Nov. 25.

As previously announced, all ePassport applicants are required to appear before the consular staff to have their photos, signatures and finger prints taken, which means there is no need to bring any photos anymore. SR240.00 will be charged as ePassport fee.

To claim their new passports, applicants are once again reminded to bring their old passports and receipts. Representatives must present an authorization letter signed by the concerned applicant.
Because of present limitations in the number of ePassport applicants that can be fully served during the EOW, the Embassy advises those who do not need to renew their passports yet to consider postponing their application, and for those already scheduled to travel within one or two months to apply instead for the extension of the validity of their passports.

The Embassy is once more trying to expand the coverage of the EOW to places with large concentration of Filipinos and studying possible ways of making reservations or appointments for the EOWs in order to address the problem of long queues that usually form around the EOW venue hours before the opening of the service. END

Source philembassy-riyadh


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