Overnight sa Half Moon Beach 2010 - MYM

Overnight sa Half Moon Beach 2010 - MYM


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Last Saturday my friend and his family came. They are from Riyadh. They used to visit Al Khobar during the Holiday. So we went to Filipino beach, here in Halfmoon . We stayed there overnight.

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Greyscale Territory said...

O what a great experience to enjoy a night on the beach! Interesting photos!

Francisca said...

Camping on a beach can be so much fun... but I don't like sand in my sleeping bag... Then again, on 2nd thought, who needs a sleeping bag in the Philippines! LOL

Kim, USA said...

Oh now I know it's portalet, that is so cool hehehe. Thanks for the visit!
Mellow Yellow Monday

Sardonyx said...

I'm surprised that there is a Filipino beach in Saudi hehehe, bakit Filipino beach ang tawag? Puro pinoy lang ba naliligo? o dahil hindi naliligo ang mga Arabo? hehehe Ikaw ba yun nasa picture??

chubskulit said...

Looks like a fun day at the beach.

Banker's Desk Lamp

Life Moto said...

@ Greyscale it really a wonderful experience to sleep in tent. thank you for visit

@Francisca I used sleeping bag but slept on a folding bed,thank you for visit

@Manang is a short for portable toilet :)

@Sadonyx correct ka dyan puro pinoy nga dito. Oo ako po yun :)

@Chubkulit we enjpoy staying there for overnight

gemini said...

Cute tent, i like that and its on the beach...i would love that.


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