Ibrahim Palace or Qasr Ibrahim (Arabic = قصر إبراهيم) Al Hasa

Ibrahim Palace or Qasr Ibrahim (Arabic = قصر إبراهيم) Al Hasa

Last week while attending one of my call in the Ministry of water In Hofuf, Al Hasa city, I visited Ibrahim palace or Qasr Ibrahim (Arabic = قصر إبراهيم). Which is a block away from my location. I have seen this Palace for many time. When I passing by that street. I was lucky that my colleague left me for 2 hours.  So I had  chance to have a glance of the old palace. I was amazed of the external structure.  The walls were covered with mud that mixed with grass straws.  In my  curiosity of the inside of the fort, I check it out if it is available for public. The care taker allowed me to view and taking picture. It was my opportunity to take some videos, specially there were no Saudi visitor around.

For a short Historical background: Qasr Ibrahim (Arabic = قصر إبراهيم) is a castle built during Ottoman rule. It is located prominently in Al-Hofuf city. Qasr Ibrahim was built in Al-Hofuf in 963 AH by Ali Ibn Ahmed Ibn Lawand Al-Burayki, the Ottomon Governor of the time. He also built the Al-Qubbah Mosque, still in existence today.

In 1216 AH, the Saudi Governor Ibrahim Ibn 'Ufaysan renovated the castle, and some historians ascribe the castle to him. Covering 16,500 square meters, Qasr Ibrahim combines Islamic and military architecture. The mosque of al-Qubba built inside the fortification wall of the palace, which contains a large single dome and is unique in its construction and style in the Kingdom. 



 Ceiling made bark tree of dates

source Hofuf city


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Jag said...

Wow! interesting places! :)


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