Support Campaign Child Abuse - Change Profile Picture To Cartoons in Facebook

 Support Campaign Child Abuse - Change Profile Picture To Cartoons in Facebook
 " Change your facebook profile picture to your favorite childhood
cartoons/characters, invite your friends to do the same... Let us
encourage everyone not to have human faces on facebook until monday
(Dec. 6), but an invasion of memories. Support  The  Worldwide Protest Against Child Violence."
 When I first saw a picture profile of one of friend. I thought it just another gimmick. Till the next day it pop up like a mushroom, cartoon profile pictures. My curiosity I try to search about these amazing cartoons picture profile in facebook. Finally I got my answer. 
As for me weather it is a legit campaign or not, what matter IS most of us try to support this campaign "Support  The  Worldwide Protest Against Child Violence."  Congratulation to the author of this campaign.


MOKS™ said...

nice one parekoy isa ka rin pala sa nakiisa...good!

lordzden said...

Join Facebook’s the campaign against Child Abuse by changing your profile pictures into your favorite cartoon character way back when your still a child. Join this little but meaningful advocacy, as we reminisce our childhood memories.

Read more:

Watch this youtube video about it:

Anonymous said...

If you have a cartoon picture as your Profile Picture, then remove it because it's a group of pedophiles who made it up. They're doing it because kids will accept their friend requests faster if they see a cartoon picture. It has nothing to do with supporting child violence. It was on the TV that warns you about internet frauds...


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