Ramadan 2011 - Islamic Holiday

Ramadan 2011 - Islamic Holiday

By Taylor Simpson
Ramadan is an Islamic event that occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic. There are Muslims living all over the world but their religion is somewhat complex. Because of this, many people all over the world do not know much about Islam and how Muslims celebrate this event and find themselves wondering when is Ramadan in 2011.

When is Ramadan in 2011? Ramadan typically lasts 29-30 days and 2011 will be no different. In 2011, Ramadan will take place from August 1st and go until August 29th. This is also known as the Islamic month of fasting and all practicing Muslims will refrain from eating and drinking for the entire month.
The beginning of Ramadan will vary from the year prior and the years to come after it. When Ramadan begins depends on the moon and when it gets to a certain point in the sky. This point is seen with the naked eye so because of this, the beginning time can vary some from country to country. Due to these variances, more precise calculations are being looked into to avoid any discrepancies that may occur with trying to place the moon. There are many countries all over the world that have Muslims and the time for all of them to fast needs to be the same.
There are many different things that will be going on during Ramadan. In general, all Muslims will be fasting, which means they will not be eating or drinking anything. The true fasting occurs during the daylight hours. During the fasting hours, Muslims are encouraged to fast for the sake of their God, Allah, and they are also encouraged to pray more often than they normally would. Muslims use this time to reflect on their life and ways they can change their life to make it more positive. During this time, Muslims are to resist any and all temptations.
Ramadan is an event that occurs yearly for all practicing Muslims. Even younger Muslims take part in this event. Once a Muslim hits the age of puberty, this is typically the age where one will begin the practice of Ramadan. During this time, all of their focus is turned to God to strengthen their spiritual bond. Friends and family are also focused on to strengthen those bonds as well. Ramadan is a time for total body and mind reflection and finding ways to be and act more positively.
Taylor Simpson
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Kim, USA said...

So is it this coming month of August they are going to start the Ramadan?


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