Betong Wins Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Season 4 2012

Betong Wins Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown  Season 4 2012

Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown is the fourth season of the Philippine version of the reality television series Survivor. Richard Gutierrez will reprise his hosting stint for the second time after Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown. Unlike the previous season and any other celebrity seasons in the entire Survivor franchise, this installment would feature celebrities grouped as couples with preexisting relationships. The show was entirely shot in San Vicente, Palawan, the first time the Philippine franchise has filmed in their home country. The show premiered on GMA Network on November 14, 2011.

3 Finalist Castaways

1. Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Jr. wins the P3 million Sole Survivor
2. Mara Lopez 1st Runer-up
3. Stef Prescott 2nd Runner-up


Geneva Cruz -  Day 2 Quit
Aifha Medina and Alyssa Alano - Day 4 1st & 2nd Voted out
Jackie Forster and Angelicopter - Day 6 Quit
Ellen Adarna and Filo Cucueco -  Day 6 Quit
Maria Isabel Lopez - Day 8  3rd Voted out
Isabel Granada - Day 12 4th  Voted out
Carlo Gonzales -  Day 15 5th  Voted out
Chuckie Dreyfus - Day 18 6th  Voted out  First Jury Member
Arthur Solinap Day 21 7th  Voted out Second  Jury Member
John Odulio Day 23rd 8th Voted out  Third  Jury Member
Gino Dela Peña Day 26  9th Voted out  Forth Jury Member
Arnodd Aninion  Day 28  10th Voted out  Fifth Jury Member
Maey Bautista  Day 32 11th Voted out  Sixth Jury Member
KC Montero  Day 34 12th Voted out  Seventh Jury Member


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