How To Choose The Perfect Gift For The Girlfiend

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For The Girlfiend

Buying gifts for women is not always that easy, especially for the average male. Some women have everything they might seem to need, some claim to want nothing at all and some apparently have no idea what they want

Most men seem to have a particular blockage of thought when it comes to thinking up gifts ideas for women, and some are just downright inconsiderate. I know a man who bought his girlfriend a bunch of flowers from a petrol forecourt, a magazine and a chocolate bar as a gift for her birthday. After a heated argument it is unsurprising that they are not together any more. If you're going to be that thoughtless, expect the relationship to be over or the divorce papers to be in the post any day soon. If that is not bad enough, there are lots of examples of men buying domestic gifts and let me offer one piece of advice:

Do not buy her a domestic gift. Under no circumstances should something that is to be used in the house to be considered one of your gift ideas for her. Even women claim they would love a dishwasher as a gift will not want to receive one; let's be clear, no one wants the gift of domestic servitude for their birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. So, wipe your mind of all domestic gifts for her and start thinking of something special for the woman in your life.

So what type of gift should you buy her? Let us start at the beginning. You need to plan this in advance and the gift needs to be for her, not you. There are various levels of gift ideas for her.

Here are some suggestions:

Extravagant: The Car, the Holiday, the Diamond Necklace. Very expensive but leaves her with absolutely no doubt of how you feel about her. Avoid this one if you've only been on two dates. If she is important to you, this type of gift will knock her off her feet.

Intimate: Lingerie is usually found within this category and it requires that you know the women very personally. Lingerie is tricky for two reasons. First, if you get her size wrong, you can seriously dent her self-esteem. Second, if you are buying this gift for her, but really for you, do not expect her to wear it with pride. If you want to buy lingerie, go with classy, expensive stuff, no gaudy, brightly coloured stuff with holes in it.

Romantic: As far as romantic gifts go, a good bunch of flowers is always a nice thought although can be seen as last minute, cute teddy bears however are also a winner. If she does not like bears, cute photo frames or perhaps a piece of small but sweet jewellery can be a great idea. Romantic gifts do not have to be expensive, but romantic thought needs to be evident.

Thoughtful: Choosing her favourite perfume, or a new fragrance from the same brand will show that you've taken the time to think about this gift. The thoughtful gift always scores you points, whether it is a gift for your mum, auntie, sister, girlfriend, wife or any woman.
Never be stuck for gift ideas for her. There is all manner to choose from; hopefully this article gives men categories of gift ideas for her ensuring you will soon come up with dozens of ideas to win you brownie points.

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