Turning Point

Turning Point

By: genrev07

We all grown up to the breast of our mother and been sheltered to the arms of our father, time passed so quickly that we never noticed the abundance which we have from the love of heavenly and most high God. Considering all nature of growth (physical and mental) we look towards our parents who indeed raised and nurtured us by their will to make us better and strong person as we are now. The credits are all for them, they say behind the success of a man is a woman and the root of strength woman has was inspired by her man in other words they are bound to work hand in hand and besides it takes two to tango as I may say. Because of love everything seems so perfect, not until the time ticks on its worse.

The fact that if we look at our own basic necessities and most are of personal satisfaction, we never realized what we have been doing for our own sake wasn’t the right thing and we loses some tracts of it due to empowering and gearing up one’s intention to raised up credibility and be known for his own will. This content might be fulfilling for every parents heart seeing us living up to what they expect us to be or the other way around.

Acknowledgment comes for the parents. The role of parenting is not that easy, every path leading to nowhere makes them vulnerable for failure but despite of these failures parents stand firm for us ensuring our future for whatever it takes, that is what we called the unconditional love. But it’s not actually of whom and what; basically my point here is to make each of us realized the nature of all these, the author and finisher which in reality we may not know, how things are happening and why it is happening?

Have you ever asked yourself about knowing whom to deal with in times of your troubles, whom to thank when you’re in success? Parents; mother, father, they nurtured us with love and fill every needs and given up everything for us, it is right to give them the honor and respect, love them for they are worth and entitled for that.

Above all these, there still Someone, Somebody that is to be acknowledge with all heart and might worthy to be honor and praise the Author and finisher of our lives, none other than “Jesus” our savior and our God. We may not know Him and see Him on our time but truly a life giver and provider of everything we have. It may be hard to understand but come to think of what our faith can do not knowing that the possible reason why we are successful on our career or even better is because it is a provision from God and He allow things to happen upon us to proclaim goodness and give glory for His name.
Our Beloved parent is just an instrument and even us, everything is according to His plans and His will shall be done. We might have the power and the wealth and we put the credits for individual persons and at the worse time we are struggling for truth. Truth which in fact setting us free from everything that surrounds us. When was the last time we pray and ask God’s presence or giving Him thanks for what He has done to our lives. What if our parents and friends turn their backs on us? Will you still be fair enough towards them?

Sometimes individual meet their limitations and when it happen things get worse and worse. Up to that point where we couldn’t control ourselves from being wasted an eye opener will appear, we never know when and how but it is the will of the Lord. That will be the time we will know the truth about Him, the Father that never leave us and never forsaken us (Hebrew 13:5) He never promise a smooth sailing life ups and down are part of it, so from then on whom we will give the credits or acknowledgment? Whom we will trust? And who shall be adored and worthy to be praised, honor and adore….

No one but Him the Lord Jesus Christ our FATHER, FRIEND AND OUR GOD….

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