Frugal Living Tips for New Dads

Frugal Living Tips for New Dads
by Paul B

With a recession in full swing, and the possibility of more to come, new dads have to figure out how to cut costs even with a baby on the way. Here are a few frugal living tips:

Don't fall for the temptation to buy every electronic gizmo that might help you take care of your baby. Human beings for millions of years have done without the latest gadgets and done just fine. Babies need food, changing, love, and attention. You'll get far more value out of just "spending time" with your baby, rather than spending money on videos and stimulating electronic toys.

Make a list of all the items you'll need for your nursery. Talk to other parents and show them this list to find out what was really necessary, in what turned out to be a waste of money. The results may surprise you.

Make sure friends and family are aware that you are neither too modest or too proud to take hand-me-downs. Almost everyone shares slightly used clothing, baby paraphernalia, and lots of baby books with parents who are just a few months behind on the baby curve. Make sure that friends with kids just a few months older than yours know that you love to get their hand-me-downs.

Shop eBay and other used sites for discount items. You'll be shocked at a price of baby merchandise at the store, but used prices might be significantly less expensive.
Start buying things for baby as early as possible. If you arm yourself with your trusted list, you can take advantage of sales on specific items. Watch for grocery store sales on diapers and formula and stock up even before the baby arrives.

Trying to check your brand-consciousness when you shop. Your baby is truly one person in your life who won't care what logo he wears on his polo shirt.

Into your friends that you'd really like a baby shower. Baby showers are great for getting things that you might not buy it for yourself, and also things that other parents know you will need to have.

Don't forget the library for parenting books. There are also local community "toy libraries" where you can check out toys for short periods of time.

Never forget that babies and kids need your time and love are more than they do cool toys and accessories.

Paul Banas is a founder of He writes articles on parenting, dads and pregnancy, parenting tips, baby names, child development and many more topics related to dads.

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The Pope said...

Great post not only for new dads but for all parents and those who are planning to start a new family.

Ken said...

Hello Jessie, musta na? ang tagal ko ng di nakapagcomment pero updated ako sa post mo through RSS. musta? I am giving u an award, the Neno's Award, at Nagbabagang Blog Award. Hehehe, malapit na po ang 2009 Pinoy Expats-OFW blog Award, sali ka ha!

Life Moto said...

pOpe I agree with you. Not only the new but rather all the parents should work out to cope-up with today's crisis.

Thank Kenj for sharing your awards, i appreciate most. I will support the Pinoy Expat Award.

Have a nice day guys!

Ken said...

I give you the award, yung dalawa ha. Sabi you kasi sa comment in my post sna makatanggap ka rin, eh, binigyan kaya kita, hehehe baka di mo nakita ang lifemoto dun?

I like your post as a parent though and enjoy Jessie. We missed you during Hevyn's party, pero busy ka ata. Next time kitakits tayo!

Life Moto said...

Totoo na ba yun bro. huhuhu cry na ako nyan! Well nabasa ko nga bro. but don't know how to start. Excited kasi hehhehe!

Nagkaroon lang mga bisita bro.


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