You Can Make Money From Forum

You Can Make Money From Forum

I have come across to a blog of a friend Angel about his Article MyLot Review about Make Money from Forum. First I was curious on it. Instead continue reading the article. In Mylot forum a member can earn money from posting and leaving comments on others posts. Well "that is great" I said to myself. A member can start their own thread by asking and rendering any kind of topics.

First of all it is free to join Mylot. But you should be at least 16 of years and above. Every family member can join. You can be paid through PayPal. If you don't have any Paypal account yet you can Register for new PayPal account. It is free also. You should contribute religiously. Don't spam, hurt others or post irrelevance to the topic.

There are many topics and cathegories that you can choose and join the discussion. The only limit to the topics is unlimited. You can submit you blog to MyLot directory, if you have one.
It is not an easy big money income. But at least you can earn by chatting, meet new friends
and sharinng your thoughts.

There is another way to earn, except from from chatting, by referrals. I invite you to check it out and Sign-up Here. You an earn 25% of every of your member earning who will sign-up to your referral link.

I hope you will enjoy. You can check out to
myLot User Profile


The Pope said...

Nice post! thank you, I'll check that link, we all need extra income ngaung may global crisis.

Jessie said...

Thanks Pope you will enjoy sharing your thought and His word too. Have a nice day bro!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...chatting ba ikamo? Teka...


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