120 Distressed OFW in Jeddah - Home with PGMA

120 Distressed OFW in Jeddah - Home with PGMA

President Gloria Macapagal bring home with her 120 ditressed OFW from Jeddah. They have been camping under the Kandara bridge in Jeddah for months. Finally the waiting is almost over.

Jeddah is the backdoor exit in K.S.A. If any expatriate want to go back to their country. To encourage the overstayers the Immigration and Passport Department accept those who wish to be deported by waiving travel documents, pay fines and have their own tickets. Jeddah officials allowed this favor if they are in group.

Before I was wondering why the distressed OFW were able to camped under the Kandara bridge.
Now that is clear in my mind, regarding the deportation policy in Jeddah.

Most of the stranded OFW are runaways or overstayers. They were either been abused by their employers or not payed their salaries. They rallied in front of the Philippines Consulate to ask for relief and assistant to go home. Out of 120 OFW, only 7 have their passport. Usually the employers hold the passport. So when they flee, they have only resident id or non at all. Most of them were came from Al-Khobar and Riyadh.

Yes she did it again. I hope that many more will be homed soon.

Source: Arab News & GMA NEWS


The Pope said...

I appreciate the government mass repatriation initiative to our fellow 120 distressed OFWs from KSA and I laud PGMAs swift action thru its strong diplomatic tie with the Royals of KSA.

Salamat sa Presidente and welcome back home to our fellow kababayan.

And I pray that the remaining OFWs who are still languishing in jails and those who are temporarily housed in our Diplomatic Center, may their voices be heard and justices be given to them to end their sufferings and find their way back home through the mercy of God.

RUEL said...

Thank you President for this wonderful news..I hope one of these days you will meet the royals of UAE to pardon our fellows who suffer the same fate.

Kablogie said...

Wow! Thanks for PGMA..sana more OFW pa matulungan not only in Jeddah bcoz Im sure marami pang distressed pinoy sa ibat ibang bansa na nangangailangan ng support ng govt.

Noel Ablon said...

Bakit di yata ako nakasama sa mga pina-uwing iyon hehe!

Gandang balita iyan. Mabuhay ka Pres. Gloria. Ang mabuting gawa ay ipagpatuloy.


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