Cryptozoology And The Chupacabra

Cryptozoology And The Chupacabra
By []Robert Benjamin

The Chupacabra or Goat Sucker as it's often called because of the large number of goats it killed, has been sighted by thousands of witnesses, in South America - Puerto Rico - Mexico - and the USA, from 1990 To Present. This creature has been reported as looking like a cross between one of the small aliens called the 'greys' and a porcupine. It has large red eyes that glow like fire or lights, gray skin, a long snake-like tongue, fangs, and long spinal quills or feathers that may act as wings. It is between 4 and 5 feet tall, hops like a kangaroo, but can also fly, and It stands upright on 3 toed feet.

People who have encountered the Chupacabra up close have reported a very strong and foul smell like that of sulphur or rotted eggs. It often squeals and grunts like a wild pig or boar. It also makes loud hissing sounds, and can make a strange sound like laughing and crying at the same time. This creature has killed hundreds of animals since it's first sighting, including cats, dogs, pigs, goats, chickens and more.

The creature broke in through a window in a house in Caguas - Puerto Rico, and tore apart a childs stuffed teddy bear, it left, leaving a puddle of some slimy substance on the floor, and a piece of rotten meat on the window ledge. In one encounter the creature turned different shades of color as a terrified witness looked at it, then the creature made a strange hissing sound, as it started hissing, the witness started feeling disoriented and weak, then the creature departed rapidly.

A police officer who encountered the creature also heard a hissing sound, and became so weak and disoriented he had to stop his pursuit of the creature, and stumble back to the patrol car. In an encounter that occurred in Arizona, the creature entered a house through an open door, then mumbled and gestured to the home owner, before fleeing. A couple hours later the man heard his son screaming, as he entered his son's bedroom, the creature was standing on his son's chest. The creature exited the bedroom through an open door and flew out a window. Some witnesses have reported that the creature can actually fly without wings, and with no visible means of guidance or propulsion, and it can vanish or materialize instantly.

In the encounter where the creature left a slimy substance on the floor, this sounds a lot like ectoplasm, a gooey slime often reported in ghost encounters. And, in the report where the creature was discovered on the boys chest, this is the classic succubus and incubus attack position. The succubus is a demon that takes on the form of either a beautiful female or a hideous female looking creature called the 'night hag', and the incubus is a male form. The reports that the creature can vanish or materialize instantly clearly point to a supernatural or spiritual being, and the ability to fly, not soar, or glide, with no flapping motion, and lack of wings goes against the laws of physics and aerodynamics, which also points to something supernatural.

There is a website that describes this and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail. The website is called: Unknown Creatures, and may be found at this address:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2006

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Louie said...

more likely looks like an "askal" here in the Philippines ^^

Life Moto said...

Louie - yes it seem like but look more scary because of his teeth and appearance.

RUEL said...

Asong ulol..mukha talagang asong ulol..meron palang ganitong type of carnivore? First time ko tong mabasa dito sa site mo bro..thanks for the info..

veronica said...

hi! thanks for sharing this. nakakatakot namang tingnan! moreover, yung hissing sound nya na nakaka weak at disoriented sa tao. parang hindi yata hayop. parang aswang na! hindi kaya yan ang "sigbin" dito sa pinas?

Life Moto said...

Ruel - mukha nga talagang asong ulol bro. na featured sya sa cnn last 2 week ata. kaya medyo na curious ako.

Veronica - itong image nya ang ginagamit sa ibang mga suspense & horror movies.

Your welcome guys for comments!


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