"Ded na si Lolo" 2010 Academy Award Entry

"Ded na si Lolo" 2010 Academy Award Entry

"Ded na si Lolo" is the Philippines entry for the 82nd Academy Award next year. This movie will vie for the Oscar in the Best foreign language category. The story is about a child observes the different ritual or superstition that his family did during the wake of his grandfather.

The cast of the movie are Elizabeth Oropesa, Gina Alajar, Rodarick Paulate, Manilyn Reynes, Dick Israel and BJ Flores. A film by Soxie Topaciao.

The other short list films that considerd for the best foreign languagefilm category were:

1. Pitik Bulag - ALV Entertainment
2. The Last Viewing - Davis Entertainment
3. Kamoteng Kahoy - APT Entertainment
4. Concero - Solito Arts Production and Seiko Film
5. Baler - Viva Films
6. Jay - Pasion para Pelikula Productions
7. Bente - APT Entertainment
8. 100 - Martinez-Rivera Films
9. Lola
10. Manila
11. Adela

The FAP (Film Academy of the Philippines) members is the following:

1. Eddie Romero

2. Robert Arevalo
3. Jose Careon
4. Johny Delgado
5. Wlliam Mayo
6. Manny Morfe
7. Jess Navarro
8. Elwood Perez

"Ploning" was the country 2009 entry for the Academy Award.

Let us hope the "Ded na si Lolo" will bring home the bacon. I wish the film, cast and whole production staffs the best. Our movie films are truly world class. Good luck!

Source: ABS-CBN,PEP,Youtube


Mokong™ said...

sana nga makapasok sa Oscar..laking panghihinayang yung Ploning last Oscar...

Anonymous said...

I'm floored! I saw the list and if I were to choose, Ded na si Lolo will be my last choice. After learning from you that it's our entry to Oscar's, dapat ko talaga syang panoorin. Hindi ko alam na maganda pala sya. Gonna watch it and see if it really deserves the honor.

I'm saddened that Jay or Baler didn't make it. But who knows? Maybe Ded will be a surprise to us!

vonfire said...

napanood ko ang DED NA SI LOLO, okey naman sya pero i didnt expect na magiging entry ito ng Pinas sa Oscar. Pero who knows baka mataypan ito ng mga foreign jurors. :D

Sardonyx said...

sana mapanood ko rin ang movie na ito at hopefully manalo, thanks for sharing....may DVD na ba to?

Life Moto said...

Moks - At least nakapagsimula na tayo last year. Sana na nga magkaroon man lang tayo ng slot sa Oscar.

Nebz - Sa tailer pa lang ay mukhang maganda. I am sure na deserving siguro. di ako makadownload nyan. kaya wala ako masabi sa mga movies na nagsipaglahok.

Vonfire- Sana makinga nila yung master piece ng Pinoy.

Sardonyx - Not sure kung meron na, but for sure may pirated na hehehe.

Thanks guys for your comment.

The Pope said...

It was a good hilarious movie, but not my personal choice for an Oscar. I give more points on Baler, Jay and 100.

I wonder why Serbis was not included in the list for consideration?

kristian_gerard said...

haven't seen any. hehe!

But accdg to news Ded na si Lola was a hit when it was shown here. Sana nga manalo!

Life Moto said...

Pope - buti kapa dami mo na napanood. bagal connection ko kaya di pa ma download :)

kristian - pareho tayo, makahiram na lang kay Nebz :)baka marami na syang collection. let us hope na makasungkit tayo. thar dropping by !

RUEL said...

I just hope that this movie will be part of Oscar though I have not seen this yet but if this will come on the Oscar I'll be extremely happy and proud pinoy.

Life Moto said...

RUel - sana na ishare ng ploning ang kanilang n aging ezperienced last year. Let us pray for them too.

Life Moto said...

RUel - sana na ishare ng ploning ang kanilang n aging ezperienced last year. Let us pray for them too.

zuveena said...

well this movie either could win in the oscar or not its just fine at least nakapasok ok na yyun pero kakatuwa nman nito lalo andyan pa si roderick paulate matagal tagal ko an rin ina antay na sana gumwa ng movie si paulate again hahahaha..nag eenjoy tlaga ako panuurin xa....hahahaha..ang saya saya!!!!

Life Moto said...

zuveena- correct ka dyankahit paano meron na Phil. representative sa Oscar.

Kablogie said...

Another filipino talent to join Oscar..sana manalo!

Tagal ko din hindi nakapanuod ng movie ni Roderick ahahaha

Life Moto said...

KAblogie - it's really a nice movie. napanood ko kagabi. it's a kind of typical Filipino tradition.

Anonymous said...

i've seen this movie ang galing ng mga actors...i'm positive mananalo ito ng award sa oscar,berlin,golden globe at lahat ng intrnational awards...this is ver "filipino" ang galing ng concept ng director...for the actors naman, i like Ms.MANILYN REYNES and R.PAULATE...ang galing ng mga timing nila in comedy and in drama...sana nga dumami pa ang mga quality film like this...napanod ko sya sm north grabe puno at sigawan sa scene ni roderick and manilyn...galing

Life Moto said...

aNOnymous - agree ako dyan. ang ganda talga ng concept ng movie. simple and filipinong filipno ang story.

Anonymous said...

Nagkamali sila. I don't think "Dead Na Si Lolo" will be a hit with foreign audiences/AA voters. First, Brillante Mendoza already has significant buzz and momentum compared to "Dead..". Mendoza's films have been winning and getting raves from foreign jurors/ festival goers.

In addition, "Dead..." might come off as too kitschy not familiar with Filipino film/ culture. I can't explain further, but the feel of typical Filipino film is different. Notice how some Fil-Ams have a hard time connecting with mainstream Filipino films?

Life Moto said...

I agree with you about Brilllante's reputation. Minsan sinabi ng isang komentaryo na may touch ito ng Filipino tradition kaya siguro maspinili and Ded na si Lolo compare to other films.

If you watch the movie Slumdog Millionaire ng India. Magtataka ka kung bakit marami sila pinanalo sa Oscar. Let us hope for the best of Ded na si LOlo.

BTW thanks for your comment. hope to see you around.


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