The Girl Who Silence the World for 5 Minutes (Earth Summit)

The Girl Who Silence the World for 5 Minutes (Earth Summit)

Earth summit, a major conference held in Rio De Janero from June 3-14, 1992. A thirteen years old girl addressed her speech about the environment to the United Nation Conference on Environment and development

This was a very inspiring speech by Severn Cullis-Suzuki, from Canada. She and other activist compiled a book title "Young Activist A generation that stand up for change."

After the calamities that occurred in the different part of the world. The latest is Storm Ondoy that battered Manila, Philippines. This is a wake up call. Let us spread our concern to the environment. There is no other place like home. Let us protect and safe the world for our children and children - children.


vonfire said...

a very inspiring speech/message indeed.:D

Bhing said...

standing tall!

galing to tink n 13 yrs old plng yan...

sana hndi lng palakpak ang magawa ng mga deligates, sana more on actions!

Life Moto said...

Von - at her young age ay lakas loob nyang hinarap ang mundo. Truly very touching.

Bhing- Thanks for the correction. Miscalculate ng tingin :)After 17 years sana mas lalo nating bigyang ng kahalagahan ang kanyang paglalahad.

Mokong™ said...

Dapat ko syang i-clap clap...

Kablogie said...

nakaka-inspire naman sya! I salute her and mukha syang yummy! ^_^ (joke!)

RUEL said...

indeed very inspiring speech..time to change..time to act..for our future and for the future of the next generation..

yummy ka mo?hehe pilyo ka talaga..haha

Life Moto said...

Moks - sana nga hindi lang klap kundi magtulong tulong tayong lahat.

kABLOGIE - Tindig din nga balahibo ko habang pinapanood ko sya.

Ruel - for the future of the next generation let us unite to shout our voices.


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