Climate Change in Coastal Area - Philippines

Climate Change in Coastal Area - Philippines

In connection to my previous post about a 13 years old Severn Cullis-Suzuki's speech for the Earth Summit in 1992. Here is another educational info about a climate change. Please bare with me if the language is in Tagalog (Filipino Dialect). The English sub-title will enhance your viewing. This video is brought to you by Norway Government and World Bank for the effect of Climate Change in the Philippines Coastal area.

"This 15 minute video is part of a larger effort to raise awareness and build capacity on climate change impacts among coastal communities in the Philippines. The video is the result of work undertaken jointly by World Bank staff in the Philippines, local communities and other national stakeholders." as mentioned by worldbank youtube user.

I believe that this video is not only for the Philippines but for the whole world as well. Let us help to rebuild our mother earth. This is our home.


Kablogie said...

Thanks for sharing this link and very informative. Sana makarating din ito sa mga kinauukulan na meron pinakamalaking parte sa pagkakaroon ng climate change particular na yun mga kumpanya ang mga produkto ay nakakasira ng kalikasan! I will share this link to my family, friends and relatives. :D

Mokong™ said...

thanks for the video post... sana nga matauhan na ang ilan sa atin...guilty din ako dahil isa ako sa mga dahilan ng climate change...pagtatapon ng balat ng pagkain sa daan...

Life Moto said...

Kablogie - Salamat din sa worldbank youtube use sa pag upload nila ng video na ito. Kailangan ma spread natin ang pagbabagong ito.

Moks - if we could post such video para makatulong sa pag voice out ng ating pagtulong sa pagbuo ulit ng ating mundo. Before it's too late.


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