Mobile Shower For Typhoon Evacuees

Mobile Shower For Typhoon Evacuees

DZMM Radio station and ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya launched yesterday a "Mobile Shower for Ondoy Typhoon Evacuees at the Ultra Stadium in Pasig City. The said project is called "Kapamilya, Shower Na!

The project was conceptualized by Ted Fylon in response to the comfort and hygiene of the Ondoy evacuees. About a thousand were given the chance to refresh and clean up themselves after weeks long staying in the stadium. They were provided by Uniliver with towels, soap, toothbrush, shampoo and deodorant. They are given 5-7 minutes to take their shower.

The shower cubicles were specially designed atop of a 20 footer truck. Six cubicles for men and another six for women. Inside is a large showerhead and furnished with curtain. The water were pumped from 2 detachable water tanks. The water is provided by Manila Water Company Inc. (MWCI).

This innovative mobile shower were constructed and designed by Architect Rene Hiray. What great with this Mobile Shower are convenient, mobile and most of all environmentally. Because the water used is recycled.

ABS-CBN Foundation plan to reach out for other evacuees in different areas. This is a great move by the ABS-CBN. A two thumbs up for them.

Source: ABS-CBN


Kablogie said...

ay may ganun pala na mobile shower! natawa naman ako pero cute kasi nakakatulong talaga sa mga victims ng bagyo! ^_^

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to Ted Failon and Co. !!!

RUEL said...

wow! it's good to hear this..thanks to them who had extended their supports to the victims..

to you bro, thanks for sharing this wonderful lightens up my day!

A-Z-E-L said...

sana meron din nyan sa Gitnang Silangan! lolz!

but thanks to Ted and the organizers.. and Uniliver syempre...

Anonymous said...

Ted Failon is a genius. :)

Kahapon ng umaga pa ko naghahanap ng pic nyan dito ko lang pala matatagpuan. :)

Life Moto said...

Kablogie - Ted Failon First recommended the portalet. Then followed with this innovative idea.

Ruel - salamat talaga sa mga sponsor win-win sila sa adds and puso ng taong bayan.

A-Z-E-L * Marami dito nyan sa Saudi. bukod sa porta cabin ay meron din portalet sa mga remote areas.

Rej - wala nga sa search engine, just borrowed from abs-cbn presentation slide.

vonfire said...

good work to Kapamilya network! :D

Life Moto said...

Von - indeed job well done nga bro.


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