New Google Bar Code Logo

New Google Bar Code Logo

As I open my browser this morning, in Google Homepage, it appeared a bar code logo. I thought it was another spam page. Maybe you have the same experienced too. As I click to the barcode it landed me to Google search. New Google Bar Code Logo. October 6, 2009 Google celebrates it 57th anniversary of the first patent on the bar code.

Investors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the patent on October 1949. The patent was then granted on October 7, 1952.

Google regularly changes its logo according to the the special events and holidays. You can see some contributions from the faithful Google Fans.

Source: Washington Post


Lord CM said...

Nagulat nga ako nung makita ko yan, hanap ko ung logo ng google pero wala, yun na pala yun :)

BlogusVox said...

Nakakalito nga. Dapat nilagyan man lang nila ng identifier sa baba. Katulad ba ng ibang barcode, but instead of numbers "" ang naka sulat.

Anonymous said...

I thought something's wrong with my browser hayun pala may sinecelebrate na event.

wait said...

ganun din ang akala ko.... hehe

fatherlyours said...

Yun pala yun. hehehe. Salamat sa input.

The Pope said...

Actually it took me 3 clicks or more kanina from that bar code to lead me to know about this new logo hahahaha. Makakaintriga kasi.

Life Moto said...

Mga Bros - sana nga sa susunod ay may maliit man lang logo or name instead of number under the bar code. Puzzled tayong lahat doon!

Anonymous said...

nakita ko nga rin to. kala ko nga naligaw ako eh.

tonex said...

Barcode graphic is sexy.

Life Moto said...

Rej - same same tayo dyan

tonex - dahil ba ito ay thin ? bakit nga ba sexy ?


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