How to Avoid Leptospirosis – Bacterial from Rat Urine

How to Avoid Leptospirosis – Bacterial from Rat Urine

LEPTOSPIROSIS is a rare bacterial infection that occurs when humans come into contact with water, wet soil or vegetation with animal urine or feces that contains leptospira. It is potentially fatal because it affects the liver.

As of October 17, 2009 there were recorded 1,336 cases of leptospirosis with 96 deaths,” Dr. Yolanda Oliveros, director of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control said. On October 16, 2209, the Department of Health (DOH) declared outbreaks of the disease in Tumana, Concepcion I, and Malanday in Marikina City.

There is a likelihood that you have leptospirosis if:

• You live in an area that is flooded
• You recently waded or swam in flood waters
• You have had high fever for 2 to 3 days
• Your fever is accompanied by body pains, chills, headaches, and red eyes (like sore eyes), jaundice (yellowing of the skin), decreased levels of urination, and when urine is tea-colored (a dark amber color)
• These symptoms occurred 10 days after you first waded in flood waters, wet soil or vegetation
• You are male (most cases of leptospirosis occur among males who are more likely to wade in floods)

What to do if you suspect that you have leptospirosis:
• Seek medical help immediately
• Take prescribed antibitotics as early as possible to prevent the progression of the disease
• If the disease has affected your kidney, and there is a possibility of kidney failure, you will have to undergo dialysis

You can avoid leptospirosis by:
• Avoiding flooded areas and refraining from coming in contact with flood water.
• Wearing protective clothing like pants, rubber boots, gloves or rubber jumpsuits if you have to wade through floods. This can protect your skin from bacteria in the water.
• Washing with soap and water the parts of your body that have come into contact with flood water.
• Taking prophylactic medicines that prevent the onset of disease.

Source ABS-CBN

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