Go Green Philippines - Green Taxi

Go Green Philippines - Green Taxi
Only in The Philippines!

Making powertrains more efficient is only one part of reducing the environmental impact of vehicles. The energy required to mine and process raw materials into the components that comprise a vehicle and then transport it to the end customer can often amount to a significant fraction of the total energy used to operate the vehicle.

In the town of Tabontabon, Leyte in the Philippines , they have started building new taxis based on renewable materials.. The bodywork is made entirely from bamboo.. Since bamboo is a grass, it can be harvested and it grows back. It's also extremely strong and lightweight. Of course, this vehicle still won't come close to meeting the crash test standards in North America or Europe but for a low cost, low speed vehicle in a rural area it's a great alternative. Even the fuel is renewable as the engines in these vehicles are fueled by biodiesel produced from coconut oil


Lord CM said...

Galing din ng mga nakaisip nyan enoh...probinsyang probinsya ang dating :)

tonex said...

Sabi nga ni Steven Tyler... it's amazing.

The Pope said...

Ang galing, Pinoy na Pinoy ang dating. local governments should promote harnessing and optimum usage of our indigenous natural resources.

Life Moto said...

Lord Cm - Galing talaga ng Pinoy, kaya lang para sa mga low speed vehicle lang daw ito.

Tonex - correct ka dyan amazing nga!

Pope - Magandang i promote ito lao na sa mga tourist spots natin.

Vernz said...

Wow! cge go for it! di nalang mi mangopya .. hehehe taga Davao, wala pa mi ani! so cool!

Life Moto said...

Vernz- Ok lang mangopya basta yung pang pinas ang dating para mas makilala tayo, katulad ng mga dyipni. I hope next time ay may maipost ako from Dava naman. Or give me a buzz kung meron na kayo.


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