Elzie Crisler Segar - Popeye's Creator

Elzie Crisler Segar - Popeye's Creator

Google give another recognition to Elzie C. Segar or SEGAR for his birthday by featuring Popeye as their Google Logo. He was an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of Popeye. Elzie Segar was borned on December 8, 1894 and died October 13,1938. He was raised in Illinoise, a small town in Missisippi.

Popeye 1st Episode

Being a son of a handy man, so his early worked was helping his father by house painting and paper hanging. With his musical skills, he provided musical accompaniment to films and vaudeville acts in the local theater. At the age of 18 he decided to become a cartoonist.

Managing editor William Curley thought Segar could succeed in New York, so he sent him to King Features Syndicate, where Segar worked for many years. He began by drawing Thimble Theatre for the New York Journal. The strip made its debut on December 19, 1919, featuring the characters Olive Oyl, Castor Oyl and Horace Hamgravy, whose name was quickly shortened in the strip to simply "Ham Gravy". They were the strip's leads for about a decade. In January 1929, when Castor Oyl needed a mariner to navigate his ship to Dice Island, Castor picked up an old salt down by the docks named Popeye. Popeye's first words in the strip, when asked if he was a sailor, were: " 'Ja think I'm a cowboy?". The Popeye character stole the show and became the permanent featured character. Some of the other notable characters Segar created include J. Wellington Wimpy and Eugene the Jeep. source wikipedia

Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons characters during my chidhood days. I miss his toot-toot sound, trembling muscles as he ate a can of spinach. Though he is never as famous as those early 90's. The moral value of this cartoon shows...

Words of Wisdom
"good is always triumph over evil".


Vernz said...

I really love this Olive oyl loving buddy ... kahiya pero I have a collection talaga of their movies ... hahahahaha! good to know this is the person who made Popeye. Hi Life..

Life Moto said...

Vernz ok lang yan kung ako nga mahilig pa rin ako munood ng mga cartoons. ok lang na maging childhood wag lang childish :)

The Pope said...

Popeye has been part of my childhood life, and until now, Popeye have never lost its fame in giving joy to kids around the world. Thanks to Elzie Crisler Segar for creating and introducing Popeye to the world.

Misalyn said...

Favorite ko yan panoorin noong bata pa ako, ng nagkaanak na ako, I still enjoy watching Popeye with my kids.

Salamat sa creator nya. :)

Life Moto said...

George- masarap talagang balikan ang mga childhood cartoon heroes natin. kaya nakakaaliw din silang panoorin minsan.

Misalyn- kids also needs parental guidance even sa cartoons. sometimes akala nila ay ok lang ang pumkpok ng hammer or magpasabog ng bomb, just like in cartoons showed. It s good you stay with them sometimes sa panonood.

Sardonyx said...

Thanks for sharing, siya pala creator ng Popeye at matagal na pala siyang patay. Even myself I enjoyed Popeye when I was a kid, naiinis ako kay Brutus hehehe. And I was in college naman yun nauso yun game and watch na popeye, sasaluhin mo yun spinach. Alam mo yun post ko ngayon I mentioned Popeye hehehe, galing ng timing ko ah hehehe

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

parang bumalik ang isip ko noong bata pa na nanood ng popeye..lumalakas iyan kapag nakakakain ng spinach..hehe

Homeless Blogger said...

Hey, I have not seen you on my blog for ages! Don't you need 300 credits???


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