The Copenhagen Deal

The Copenhagen Deal

Are countries doing enough to protect our children?

While the Copenhagen summit represents a rare window of opportunity to address the issue of climate change, countries are hard-pressed against the economics when it comes to policy making. No doubt the motivation would be great during the summit, country leaders will face the dilemma of improving the economics of their country with restricted resources and still having to drive towards the direction of a greener world.

The reduction targets pledged by some countries still fall short of meeting the 2 degrees target, which was a suggestion by the Prime Minister of Denmark and recommendations from scientists. Close to 100 country leaders commit to attend the Copenhagen Climate Conference, and UN is confident of success in a press release dated 19 Nov in the UN News Centre. The United Nations Climate Change Conference which spans from 7 - 18 December 2009 is going to be an eye-opener.

The pressure is on. Many parties agree that failure in the summit is not an option. This year, we have the US President at the Danish capital, yet another pressure to the political decisions and management faced by the President since the first day he stepped into office. President Obama already has a handful back home with the latest announcement regarding the Afghanistan war yesterday, plus the supposedly dropping confidence in him by his fellow countrymen. Yet, his reputation remains high and gains respect from the world, as evident from his trip to China a while ago.

Somehow, country leaders should put aside their differences because it is a global issue that they face at hand. While there may be claims of patriotism regarding the country, the Earth is a shared and leased property, and the owners are the children of tomorrow. It would be fantastic if indeed each and everyone on Earth could contribute some positive changes.

Let us hope that the country leaders will set a realistic and achievable goal during the summit. Let's also hope that these goals are backed by steps for reinforcements and valid applications.

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DETH said...

i do hope that the country leaders will be guided that we owe this planet and save it for the future generation. Lets pray whatever decision they may come up to would help us in alleviating the effects of climate change.

Life Moto said...

Deth - let us hope and pray na magmaterialize ang kanilang confference. Cause our Earth is in chaos kapag hindi maagapan ay baka matuloy ang 2012.

蛋餅不加蔥Amber said...



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