New Year's Traditions in Philippines

New Year's Traditions in Philippines

Filipinos have many customs and traditions during New Year's Eve. We have inherited from our ancestors, influenced by foreign settlers, words of mouth or commercialism.

Here are some of the practices...


On our table top, we usually prepare 12 kinds fruit. Rounded fruits is preferable. Three bowls fill with rice, salt and cotton. Each one have some coins on top. A pack of Fiesta Hams. A red Keso De Bola. Some sweets, buko pandan, buko salad and fruit salads. Plus other mouth watering dishes.


To attract money for the coming year, you should wear Polka Dots dress or shirt.

To Do

If you wish to gain extra height, you must jump as high as you could.

You keep on smiling and be happy. It is nice to start the year with jolly heart.

Make your New Year's resolutions.

Drive away bad spirit and bad luck. Here are some practices that we got from the Chinese.

Sprinkling of rice and salt around the house. Make noise in and out of the house with cymbals, trumpets and drums. And the most awaited event is the fireworks.

The best seller firecrackers are Judas belt, sawa, fountains, super lolo, bawang, crying cow and more. For cheaper and safety, it is advisable to use "lusis, labintador or watusi".

To avoid any kind of accidents, some local officials have designated firecrackers zone. Specially in some congested and slum areas. They event organized a party or concert. And then followed by colorful and majestic fireworks display as the New Year strike.

After the the festive celebration. Families are gather around in order to give grace and have a midnight meal or medya noche. It is a belief that family member should stay together before the separation of year. Well this will be an exemption for Expats like us.

Some of the faithful Christians prefer to attend the church service instead of enjoying the firecrackers and party.

These traditions are the manifestation of our imagination. Other said its a pagans practices. In general, it's just for fun in order to have a joyful celebration. For whatever reasons. We must not put our fate in such traditions. But instead focus on our life and have faith in the Lord. Work out for our success.

We can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Happy New Year to Everyone!


Sr. luba said...

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"Have a fantastic holiday"

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jess!

To do ko in Saudi tomorrow: Wala. Hehe.

Hope to see you when Kenjie returns from their vacay. Wala lang. Kwentuhan. (Ayaw talagang maglibre e no?)

Misalyn said...

Yan ang mga isa sa mga nami-miss ko sa Pinas.

Happy New Year to you, to your family and friends. Abundant blessings for the coming years.

DETH said...

nakakamiss pa rin celebration sa pinas, pag nagsusuot nanay ko ng polka dots inaasar ko siya na dapat square square yung sinusuot niya para hindi lang barya pera niya, tseke tseke na...ahahaha

happy new year po!!!

Life Moto said...

Sr Luba - have a blessed new year ahead , cheers!

Nebz - hehehe! okaay dok it's a deal. Happy new yor too bro. see you around the corner!

Misalyn - thanks a lots and have a happy new year to you and family too

Deth - yan nga rin sana ang isama ko sa post, check or bill nga hehehe! happy new year enjoy being away from our family


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